AbcSubmit makes headway as a go-to online and on-premise form builder

Leading online form builder AbcSubmit seeks to make headway in the industry as it scaled up efforts to become the go-to online and on-premise form builder that businesses can tap. 

“With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing companies to move to online platforms, online forms have been essential for businesses and entrepreneurs who need to create forms online. That’s where AbcSubmit comes in — it allows them, among other things, to sell products via Order Forms,” a representative of the company said in a statement.

AbcSubmit is a fully-featured drag and drop form builder where users can create any type of online form like surveys, order forms, application forms, contact forms, upload files forms, quiz forms, and many more. And that is not all, the tool even allows you to create fillable PDFs from your forms in an easy manner.

AbcSubmit said users can create any type of order form using ready-made free form templates, and begin selling in a couple of minutes. AbcSubmit said this is done through its powerful online integrations with the most common payment brands.

For businesses looking to gain an advantage over their competitors, AbcSubmit said they can make inroads into the competition by simplifying their business and reducing development costs while having 100 percent control of their critical and valuable data within their own hosted servers — that’s where its On-Premise Form Builder can be of use, as it allows users to create any type of web form without writing a single line of code. 

“They can simply use the drag and drop form tool to design a pixel-perfect user interface, integrate with other systems, and build reports. This is all possible without coding by using our intranet form builder,” the representative said.

AbcSubmit said with its form automation software, building and customizing forms are made easier without design and programming skills. 

“You can create any type of online forms using our drag and drop editor and can start collecting contacts, accept orders online, accept feedback using our survey forms, and so on.” the representative said. 

AbcSubmit said the form builder is available online with a freemium pricing model or users can choose to get the form tool on their server using the on-premise version.

The company said its data collection tool helps businesses enhance their lead generation, survey distribution, and payment collections, among other things.

AbcSubmit said it also offers a feature where users can embed forms on any website using different embed methods. An embedded form uses the same field and form settings they set up in the form builder and allows you to use the right strategy for data collection. 

AbcSubmit said all entries are stored in the Submission Manager. Users also get the chance to use the Form Builder app on Weebly and WordPress.

AbcSubmit said this tool lets businesses easily gather information from online visitors or offline using a dedicated mobile app, allowing them to market, sell and serve clients as they engage with their business. 

For advanced form usage, AbcSubmit said it offers Flux, a business process management tool that helps users add multiple layers of email notifications, approval emails and improve repetitive tasks.

“This tool allows businesses to optimize processes using real-time based reports on their form workflows. With Flux reports, they will know where to add more resources and at which step in their workflow is the most time lost,” the representative said.

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