Ritu Malhotra: the revolutionary face… With faith and belief she has conquered the unconquered

The face of change would have originally coined in some discussions, somewhere, but seems it was meant to define Ritu Malhotra! Simply a computer engineering graduate had visualized the situation where others failed to imagine! The world rarely had an idea, so did she, about her perception towards the change she was about to bring to the harm created by spit!

How it came to her mind when asked, she said with her inborn simplicity, “I am not among those who wait for change. I believe in adding my contribution to be the change!” 


Born slogan #CleanBhiKaregaGreenBhiKarega, due to the final output rendered by the spit after using the product seems to be the biggest attraction behind this product. Born in Nagpur and raised by parents who supported her questionnaire attitude and had made her the distinguished entity today than the counterparts. Today EzySpit stands as a distinguished product to develop spittoon and controlling the onset harms due to spit.

“Spit to Grow” to #CleanBhiKaregaGreenBhiKarega campaign that started on National pollution control day, she only intended to stand out from the rest by creating a difference. With the natural flair for making India stain-free, she has preened herself as an asset to the environment by turning the wastage into an asset! Covid 19 has taught mass about the adverse situation about the harm that even .008ml spit can create, and rather than quoting it as a never-ending problem she delivered an unbeatable solution.

Her forte

With her first-hand experience that she earned in her daily life, especially while moving in public places like roads, parks, etc where every fifth person was spitting while walking, she empathized with the cleaners there, who were continuously struggling to keep the environment clean. #CleanBhiKaregaGreenBhiKarega is not just a slogan but her vision towards this world. “Hitting the right chord is what is lacking,” she said and soon claims to break the long-lasting practice of spitting in public.

Finding a solution with added solution

Taking the onus to add rows of the solution without waiting for others to raise a problem, she not only worked on the tincture of disposing of the spit, but she raised a solution with blessing in disguise by announcing the ideas of developing plants from it. She abandoned her regular, comfortable life and focused her energy on eradicating the spit pollution permanently. The whole idea, revolved around converting the waste into adding greenery to this planet.


EzySpit is a dream with an open eye to spill the sense of responsibility towards the spit pollution concerns by creating awareness about the spittoons. The products are available in three sizes for different requirements, pocket pouches to reuse 15 times, mobile containers that can be used 30 times, and spit bins for 5000 spits. It is a derivation of macromolecule technology that was never thought of earlier. It is capable of freezing the liquid along with virus and bacteria in the spit.

Star Addition to the felicitation

EzySpit had already earned fame worldwide through the verity that it is among those products that have achieved acknowledgment under the flagship of StartUs Insights’ top 5 prevention remedies against the pandemic, Covid 19. By now, they have proudly pocketed a score awards including the Forbes India 30 Under 3o 2019, Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 2019, Women Entrepreneur of the year at Global Bio-India Summit 2019, recognized at UN environment award for Asia and Pacific, and much more to mention. Recently they were awarded Loksatta Tarun Tejankit Award on March 20. 2021.

Dare to dream

“Be extraordinary with extraordinary efforts,” she giggled and said in an interview.” I have dared to dream big with an open eye because I have believed that anything that can surpass your imagination is real.” Rest her confident eyes reveals the depth of this quote and her remarkable journey.

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