George Mason Lantay Founds Heroes of Purpose to Empower Transformational Coaches and Teachers To Grow Their Business While Working Towards A Better World

Lantay offers coaching that builds confidence, informs strategy, and provides a culture of celebration that has enabled his members to book their first high end clients and 10x their income

George Mason Lantay Founded Heroes of Purpose after working for 10 years in the personal growth industry and successfully launching 4 of his own transformational companies ranging from an online life coaching service to an in-person co-working/co-living community.

HOP’s premiere program, the Hero Accelerator, provides training on the best strategies George has found for growing a transformational business in his 3 years as a full time entrepreneur, however more importantly it provides group coaching that enables his members to see themselves in their value, realize what they want, and do the emotional work that helps them feel fully aligned and inspired towards the vision they put in place.

Hero Accelerator members have shared results such as booking out their practice, dramatically increasing their income, and receiving far greater lifetime value per client they enroll. However, they also report profound changes in their personal lives. Heroes of Purpose members report having a greater sense of wellbeing as they go throughout their day, more joy towards their work, and a greater sense of purpose in their lives.

Finally, Lantay encourages his members to focus on the ways they are supporting each other as well as the ways their companies work towards creating a better world. People who are interested in Lantay’s work can watch his masterclass at

About George Mason Lantay

George Mason Lantay is the founder of Heroes of Purpose which empowers transformational coaches and teachers to grow their business while working towards a better world

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