Changing the game on how people find jobs, Realchive is the world’s first job board dedicated to self-taught professionals

Realchive is an online job-finding platform that has been specifically created for people who have taught themselves a set of skills without any formal college education. Those in need of jobs can confidently look up jobs at Realchive with realistic job requirements.

USA – Many people after enrolling in a college realize that they are pursuing a degree contrary to their interests, or a degree with little to no value in a professional setting. Due to this wrong decision, such students are inspired to gain a skill that will help them land a high paying job in the modern world. Additionally, some people realize that getting a high-paying, in-demand job doesn’t require a college degree and so they pursue self-learning. Realchive is a platform that helps these kinds of people who have gained skills and expertise in a certain area without any formal college degree and are looking for jobs in that particular field of interest.

Some of the most in-demand skills of the modern world are programming, graphic designing, copywriting, customer support, sales, system administration or any contractual jobs. Moreover, these jobs can be self-learned without having to go to college and spending a huge amount of money. Realchive supports such people who have gained expertise in such lines of work in order for them to get a job.

Realchive is an innovative jobs board that connects experts with no formal education, but with complete skill sets and ample experience to companies looking to hire employees solely based on their skill levels. In this way, Realchive is helping those who are looking to launch a career in a self-taught skills environment.

At the moment, Realchive has several jobs listed on the website. These jobs include titles such as “Software Development Engineer”, “Freelance Copywriter”, “Business Systems Intern”, “Help Desk Technician”, “Data Center Technician”, and many more. All these jobs require their respective job skills with relevant amounts of work experience. No degree is required for any of these jobs.

What Realchive does uniquely is that it provides people who are looking for jobs with realistic job requirements. The jobs posted at Realchive focus only on skills and experience, which are the most vital factors for any kind of job. The job postings at Realchive are carefully curated so that job seekers can feel confident about not having a college degree, rather having the right kind of skills and experience suited for the job.

A contemporary tool for the contemporary world, Realchive is the future of finding jobs online. Since most people today focus on gaining solid skills leading to a guaranteed job, Realchive helps them acquire such jobs. No need to worry about not having a college degree, Realchive is here to unlock the true potential of people with the right kind of skills and experience related to modern jobs. 

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