Pureloan.com Demonstrates How to Search for the Best Refinance Rates

Pureloan.com illustrates the amount home borrowers can save in interest payments or points, by increasing their credit scores or down payments.

Palo Alto, CA, USA – Pureloan.com, the website behind the most unique and helpful mortgage calculator available online today, showed off a helpful feature of their mortgage calculator that many people didn’t know about – how to get the best refinance rates. The calculator not only shows borrowers how much they can save if they refinanced, but it also matches borrowers with applicable lenders.

Pureloan.com uses proprietary information to provide results such as the lowest refinance rates in Boston, MA. The only information homeowners must provide is their zip code, loan amount, home value, and estimated credit score. Pureloan uses this information to provide you with loan programs and rates you may be eligible to receive.

When homeowners pull up a rate offer, they can see the breakdown of the payment. This includes the monthly payment, closing costs, and points. They also provide helpful tips within each offer to show you how you could save even more money, such as increasing your credit score slightly.

Pureloan.com saves homeowners time and money. Most homeowners don’t refinance unless a great deal lands in their lap. Some may shop around to find great deals, but applying with individual lenders and comparing quotes is time-consuming and frustrating. Pureloan.com makes it easy, allowing more homeowners to take advantage of today’s low rates and save money on their mortgage.

When homeowners look at Pureloan.com’s refinance calculator results, they can compare the monthly payment breakdowns to their current monthly payment.  This applies to all cities, such as searching for the best mortgage rates in Charlotte, NC.

Pureloan.com automates shopping for a mortgage and they make it easy for homeowners looking to refinance. Most homeowners would just let it go – paying more than necessary in interest on their loan just to save the hassle of shopping around to refinance. The founders of Pureloan.com would rather see homeowners save money and they make it easier than ever.

About PureLoan.com

Pureloan.com is the brainchild of several Ivy-league graduates who realized there weren’t any helpful mortgage calculators available for homebuyers and homeowners. When they were searching for their own mortgage rates, they realized the legwork homebuyers and homeowners had to do and they knew there was a void to fill.

Pureloan.com makes it easy to find the right mortgage and understand what goes on behind the scenes. They make getting a mortgage less stressful by empowering homebuyers and homeowners with the most up-to-date information available.

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