The Entertainment Mogul Cutty Set to Launch a Book “How To Become The Perfect Artist”

How To Become The Perfect Artist is a book that teaches and guides aspiring artists on how to overcome the barriers that hold them back from success. The book, scheduled to be launched in April 2021, will be available on Amazon and Cutty’s website.

USA – Cutty is an entertainment mogul who falls no short of introduction. Having helped thousand of artist and numerous nominations, Cutty has been involved with the music industry ever since he was a child. His company, Cutty TV, helps the local talents come forth and share their talent with the world. The entertainment mogul Cutty is here to help the young enthusiasts who are looking forward to paving their way towards the music world. With his new book, “How To Become The Perfect Artist”, Cutty shares all his valuable insights and secret information to rise at the top to be the best. 

This guide book, “How To Become The Perfect Artist”, provides stepwise instructions on how to dive in the music industry and then survive. What the book focuses on is how to become the perfect artist. The book gives the readers the exact points to follow to become one. The book has been based on the YouTube series of Cutty TV, “How To Become The Perfect Artist”. This book is a simplified version of this series and offers easy readability.

Designed and created for struggling indie artists, the book is a complete and final instructions manual on becoming the best artist in the industry. The book discusses the weak points of the freshly arriving artists and then targets these areas to help them unleash their full potential. The book is portioned into eleven easy-to-follow, easy-to-read chapters. The book starts right from the beginning discussing the recording of the songs and ends with how to get media exposure before the book finally declares the reader as a “graduate”.

Cutty was born and raised in New Jersey, where he first got attached to music to keep the youth off the streets. When his little brother got arrested at 16. He wanted young people to be involved with music, so he established a company in 2015 that taught them about the basics of music. Since then, Cutty has been working with a number of successful artists such as Tayroc, E-Ness, Lil Mop Top and many more.

Cutty TV launched a new venture called the Cutty Card. It is an all-in-one business card able to instantly share information. The Cutty Card intends to promote the local talents of New Jersey while inspiring the hidden gems to come out and share their vision. And now, with the book ready to launch, such passionate, aspiring artists can gain immense knowledge to step up.

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