Leslie Zann Inspires Entrepreneurs to Overcome Fears And Generate Breakthroughs to Achieve Unprecedented Success

Leslie Zann Inspires Entrepreneurs to Overcome Fears And Generate Breakthroughs to Achieve Unprecedented Success

Skill can be developed over time, but your attitude can be adjusted in a single moment of clarity.
– Leslie Zann

For the person who wants to understand what keeps them from reaching their full potential and make the required changes, #1 International Bestseller “Outrageous Achievement: Tapping Into Your Limitless Potential To Create The Life You’ve Always Wanted” provides the definitive blueprint for achieving success.

Author Leslie Zann is a sales, leadership, and business development consultant who has coached thousands to break through their fears and limiting beliefs to pursue their dreams. Drawing from her seminars and online courses, the author takes her reader through a unique and thorough, interactive action-plan that includes concrete steps to make the shift from a mindset of limitations – to one full of possibilities and success. Peppered throughout are real-life stories that keep the reading engaging and exciting.

Leslie speaks from the voice of personal experience. She shares her own story of overcoming adversity – pandemic obstacles, devastating house fire, illness, divorce, and three major career pivots – applying the lessons she has taught others for three decades. “My intention with this book is to inspire you to confidently move through your fears and hesitations, expand your vision for what’s possible, and take action to create the life you desire,” says Leslie, “because when you align your vision for success with proven strategies and take action, anything is possible. I’ve made it happen for myself and can help you make it happen too.”

Leslie offers three key practices from “Outrageous Achievement” that will inspire readers to shift to a more positive approach – and create new results – in all areas of life.

Key 1: Commit to Personal Development. She recommends investing time each day – a minimum of 30 minutes – to feed one’s mind with positive information and inspiring experiences. High achievers in all walks of life share a commitment to personal development. Embracing a daily practice will have an uplifting effect on perspective and ability to respond to challenges when they arise.

Key 2: Pay Attention to Their Thoughts. Inner dialogue is directly responsible for success or failure in life. When it is filled with fears and limiting beliefs, it chips away at confidence, the determination to succeed, and the “joy factor.”  Thoughts affect feelings, which affect actions, which affect results. Change begins with awareness. Learning to shift to more positive and courageous thoughts consciously will lead to more positive results.

Key 3: Lead with Gratitude. When a person is focused on lack – what they don’t have, what they’re missing, what they regret – they will attract more of the same. Conversely, when a person is focused on abundance, appreciating all the good things they have, they will attract more of that into their life. Leading with gratitude is a learned skill – and one which empowers a person to take action and tap into their limitless potential.

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