Actina Ventures Launches Actina Academy to Fight Globesity

The Actina Academy is the online educational flagship of Actina Ventures, which aims to create an ecosystem of apps and platforms in order to educate and motivate the general public towards living a healthier lifestyle.

Over the last decades, obesity has been a major global concern. Obesity is a major risk factor for increased illness and death. Most notably, it is a major risk factor for heart disease, diabetes, various cancers, chronic diseases like kidney and liver disease, osteoarthritis, depression, and sleep apnea.

Millions of people will no doubt suffer from major health consequences for years to come if something is not done. Now with the ongoing Corona crisis, it is becoming more and more obvious that this trend is getting bigger, and even countries which had been seeing progress over the last years are now seeing all the recent benefits vanished due to the forced sedentary lifestyle of the Corona crisis.

Over the last years, several platforms have been created in relation with physical activity. But so far the educational platforms offer is very limited, whereas it has been commonly recognized that adding physical activity to your life is important to fight obesity, but the outcome is not as positive on the long term without education.

This is why the Actina project is not only offering solutions focused on physical activity to help solve this major crisis. The Actina team is developing several apps and platforms to create motivational mechanism for the population to be more physically active, but not only.

The Actina team is also creating the Actina Academy, an educational online platform, where the users can get access to quality educational content, and can engage in community chats with other members, and contact coaches directly to get support and exchange information.

The Actina Academy is the educational platform of the Actina Ecosystem, focused on offering educational content to the users, and rewarding them for educating themselves in the fields of health, sport and nutrition.

The Actina Academy is a subscription platform on which the users can access different contents from several channels and coaches or educators, depending on the subscription plan they choose. But users can also engage in chatroom with the community related to a specific theme, or to a specific channel of the Academy to ask questions to other people within the community and coaches from the channel. Users can also subscribe to personal coaching programs and chats with coaches on the platform.

As the number of channels per theme and language are limited on the platform, the Actina Academy ensures that the quality of the contents on the platform is the fundamental. Depending on their educational needs, the users can choose the right content they need, and adapt the content they follow in real time.

But the originality of the Actina Academy is that it offers an innovative way for coaches and educators to monetize their contents and videos, while offering them an efficient visibility and facilitating to reach a targeted audience. As the number of channels are limited per theme and language, not only the subscribers are not lost under an overwhelming offer of content, but also the coaches and educators can more easily be visible from their audience.

The Actina Academy is a completely ad free platform, the coaches and educators offering content on the platform can monetize it by receiving a share of the revenue generated on the platform, both through subscriptions and through pay-on-demand services such as special videos, private chatroom and courses certifications.

Innovating further, the Actina Ecosystem aims at rewarding users for getting active physically, and also for educating themselves, depending on the platform they use within the ecosystem. With the Actina Academy, subscribers can receive rewards in the form of Actina Coins (a digital currency specially developed for the ecosystem) for watching educational videos or following courses from a channel. On other platforms of the ecosystem, such as ACTICount, people are being rewarded in Actina Coins for their physical activity. In all cases, the rewarded Actina Coins are credited on a centralized wallet based on an easy-to-use model that members of the public can understand. From the wallet, users can access stores and merchants and obtain discounts and special offers for goods with Actina Coins.

This innovative rewarding system allows the Actina Ecosystem to create a motivational mechanism for people to be more active and also for getting better education in the fields of health, nutrition and sport; as both the physical activity and the education aspects are fundamentals in fighting the global obesity pandemic.

The Actina Academy is offering a solution to help solve the global obesity pandemic. Coupling education with a smart and innovative reward system, the Actina Academy is part of the Actina Ecosystem. This ecosystem aims at motivating and educating people in living a healthier lifestyle, taking not only the common physical activity path, but also focusing on the not so common educational part of the equation.

Actina Academy is being launched by Actina Ventures, a ventures building company focusing on launching a Healthtech and Edtech ecosystem to tackle the global obesity and health issues. This includes the future launch of an incubator/accelerator (Actina Lab) and a related fund (V.C.) to support and finance the development of the ecosystem.

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