New Parent Writes Book About Becoming A Pandemic Parent During Nap Time

Angelika Sharma, author and new mom, has announced the release of her heartfelt essay collection, Raising Generation C: Pregnancy, Pandemic, Parenting. After navigating the pandemonium of New York City lockdown and the shock of being a first-time mother, Sharma shares a glimpse into her life during this historic crisis.

From giving birth on Zoom to quarantining with an infant, Raising Generation C explores how COVID-19 has changed the entire process of bringing life into this world. Convinced that her 6-month-old thinks her grandparents exist in an iPad, Sharma tackles post-2020 parenting with humor, sensitivity, and optimism. 

In chapters like “It’s Just the Three of Us,” Sharma delves into the unique day-to-day challenges of becoming first-time parents in a global crisis. Isolated from family members living in India and Germany, COVID-19 unexpectedly left Sharma and her husband without any help and disregarded the possibility of daycare. The only other person their daughter has ever met is her doctor. After giving birth in June 2020, Sharma began writing in December 2020, and published Raising Generation C on February 6, 2021. 

Although Raising Generation C is not a self-help book, new parents or parents-to-be are sure to find invaluable insights in this short compilation. Family and friends may also be able to better understand the unique challenges of pandemic parents after reading Sharma’s unfiltered reflections. Even without a personal connection, Sharma’s work stands alone as a light-hearted nonfiction account in a similar vein to Vicki Lesage’s Confessions of a Paris Potty Trainer.

Raising Generation C: Pregnancy, Pandemic, Parenting is available for purchase at Early reviewers describe Raising Generation C as “emotional” and “refreshingly honest with a hint of levity.” Sharma hopes that readers will see that joy is still possible even in dark moments. Her work is a powerful reminder that being a parent—or being human—means accepting our imperfections and forgiving our flaws.

About the author

Angelika Sharma is an author and Reiki Master Teacher. After growing up in Germany and studying in the UK, she moved to the United States. In October 2019, she found out she was pregnant. Sharma gave birth on Zoom in June 2020 and has been navigating the ups and downs of pandemic parenting ever since. She lives and writes in New Jersey with her husband and their daughter. 

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