Leading the 3D Art Renaissance, Instagram Artist Chad Knight Hits the $1M Sales Mark

Internationally Respected Artist is Setting a New Standard for Digital Art NFT’s

As the world around us changes, industries, professions, hobbies, and assets, need modern solutions to match. Adaptions to these digital changes have rung in a new era of digital property. Leading the digital art renaissance is Instagram artist, Chad Knight. Little did he know that a rumor by actress Lindsay Lohan would catapult his career to unprecedented heights. In 2017, Lohan started an Internet rumor that his digital art was a physical destination in Japan, resulting in a massive influx of hundreds of thousands of followers, cultivating a dedicated fanbase from all over the world. This newfound attention wrung in a new apprecia- tion for the digital art landscape, proving concept, and enticing eager art collectors from all over to stake their claim for the latest masterpiece.

Last weekend, Knight sold $1M total worth of NFT art on the platforms Nifty Gateway and FM-Gallery. Knight is just the latest in many artists benefitting from NFT technology as a way to receive compensation for their work. Christie’s, the internationally recognized auction house, has even embraced the new medium of art, recently selling creator Beeple’s famous ‘every- days collection’ for an astounding $69 million dollars.

“It’s a surreal feeling to see my art appreciated at a global level. I am incredibly grateful for the buyers who believe in this technology as much as we creators do. NFT’s are sparking a digital art renaissance that will permanently change the way the public perceives and values art.”
– Chad Knight, Artist

Chad Knight’s vibrant digital art moves between the meditative and the frenetic. His work seems to exist in alien worlds, with his works being made in Cinema 4D. These are places in- habited by enormous elaborate beings that appear in mid-evolution. Knight consistently posts a new creation each day on his Instagram account as part of this ongoing, prolific effort.

More than just a freelance artist, Knight is the Head of 3D Design for one of the largest brands in the world, Nike. His work has been featured in Elle Decor, Vogue Italia, Vice, Bored Panda, and many other international publications.

Through proof of concept, dedication to the craft, and unwavering commitment to enriching the fine arts industry through digital innovations; Chad Knight’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition as he surpasses the $1M sales mark.

To learn more about Chad Knight, or to view his portfolio, please visit: https://app.box.com/s/2z1lz8cq1o3go3e8ca2zctg20ngakiz7

About Chad Knight

Chad Knight is a 3D Instagram Artist based in Portland, Oregon. Upon retiring from an impres- sive professional skateboarding career that spanned from 1998-2011, Chad Knight began his journey into the digital art space. Internationally recognized by celebrities and industry leaders alike, Knight is single-handedly revolutionizing the fine arts space through innovative three-di- mensional pieces that set a new standard for the emerging NFT arts niche.

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