Zaya launches website for voting based headphone recommendations & reviews

Zaya has launched a website for headphone reviews where people can find the best headphones based on community ratings, rankings, and reviews. 

“People can browse the headphones database via convenient filters and read in-depth reviews by the community in the site. They can find the top headphones, wireless noise-canceling headphones, and the top true wireless earbuds with a lot of guides to help them there,” company owner and creator Assaf Muller said in a statement.

After the cellphone, Assaf said headphones are the gadget people would reach for most often on a daily basis. 

Assaf said this is the reason why looking for the best features people need, the kind of sound they like — whether they are searching for the best wireless in-ear or the best wireless headphones — is crucial, and the best way to get there is not via the subjective opinion of an editorial team, but with community rankings.

“People can sort by rating on the price category, the most reviewed ones, or the newest headphones in the market. Zaya helps you check out and look for the perfect item you need,” Assaf said.

Assaf said Zaya’s community ratings, rankings, and reviews come with neat filters like Headphones weight, whether they support wireless charging, whether the wire goes around or under the ear – ways to look at a large selection of headphones not found anywhere else.

Individuals can select a price range anywhere between $80 and $4000, with the site also offering additional filters that people can choose including headphones with wireless charging or active noise cancellation. 

“On Zaya, people select filters to narrow down their options in selecting the best wireless earphones in the market,” the founder said.

By day Assaf is a Senior Engineering Manager at Red Hat, an IBM subsidiary. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, he said he developed an “unhealthy obsession with headphones.”

Assaf said he saw the need to create the site “because nothing like it existed before… I developed the site because there was nothing like that when I started my headphones journey last March, a Rotten Tomatoes for headphones if you will.”

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