Nadya Tahri Helps Parents of Children With Special Needs Find Balance

Nadya Tahri Helps Parents of Children With Special Needs Find Balance

“Nadya Tahri ~ Life Coach for Parents Who Have Children With Special Needs”
No Parent Has to do it All Alone

WINLOCK, WA – Being a parent is the most challenging job on the planet. However, being a parent of a child with special needs adds a whole new layer of challenges, and figuring out what to do is rarely easy. Even the most experienced parents can feel exhausted, sleep-deprived, and stuck. While this isn’t an easy path to travel, it’s not a journey that one has to undertake alone—and that’s where Nadya Tahri comes in.

Nadya Tahri is a certified life coach and the founder of Blessed Beyond Measure Coaching. She is a proud mother to four wonderful children, the two youngest of whom were born with Allan-Herndon-Dudley Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that severely affects muscle development. Having experienced both the joys and struggles of raising children with special needs, she understands fully what it takes to thrive as a parent.

For personalized one-on-one coaching and support, Nadya offers her 90-Day Transformational Program, which helps parents of children with special needs adopt the mindsets and habits necessary to properly care for not just their children, but themselves as well. Through weekly hour-long personal coaching sessions, Nadya teaches parents how to carve out time for self-care, get good-quality sleep, seek out support when they need it, gain more energy without relying on coffee or other stimulants, create healthy eating schedules, and more! She also includes resources for getting needed equipment for children with special needs when insurance won’t pay for it.

Parents short on time can also opt into her accelerated six-week program, which shares many benefits with her 90-day program. Additionally, she offers a free, private Facebook group—Special Needs Parenting SOS—for parents of children with special needs, where they can find a safe, welcoming, supportive group of parents who can relate to everything they’re going through.

“I know firsthand the many challenges that parents who have kids with special needs face on a daily basis,” she says.“I firmly believe that every parent with a child that has special needs can and should have the personalized coaching that they need! I am here for you.” As a driven, caring, understanding person, she offers payment plans and highly customizable programs for parents in all manner of circumstances.

More information about Nadya and her coaching programs can be found on her website here. Additionally, her free private Facebook group can be found here, and she can be contacted directly via email at, on Instagram @tahrinadya, or by phone at 360-245-2151.

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