IMC Film Production Cooperates The Famous International Brand Artistic Commercial with the New Generation Composer Hueimin Kuan Creates and Perform Music

As an outstanding composer active in China and Hollywood, Hueimin Kuan has worked in the music industry since 2011, in collaboration with many leading figures in the music and film fields, such as Leon Lee, Katsuya Sezaki. The Voice of China invited her to serve as a judge at regional for each competition season. The 2020 Sao Paulo Contemporary Composers Festival invited her to perform her original orchestra song Soul of God for its famous annual exhibition event. She was also selected as a 2020 International Songwriting Competition Semi-Finalist. Yahoo! News and VoyageLA Magazine interviewed her and she showed everyone her passion and talent as a female composer.

Now, as a musician and singer-songwriter and composer, she cooperates with IMC Film Production (Image Marco Control Film Production) to compose and produce music in the industry of film and television. What compelled Hueimin Kuan’s entry into the film industry were classic and influential movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Jurassic ParkHarry Potter and A Star is Born. The music from those films gave her the inspiration and imagination. She could hardly imagine the difficulties she would face as an Asian and female composer, but there would be no excuse for failure.

Joining IMC Film Production (Image Marco Control Film Production) is a prominent start. IMC Film Production is a prosperous and major independent production company, where all the people work hard together to make all the impossible things become possible, and try their best to resolve difficulties. Currently, the web series broadcasting platform has become a stage for young artists. It is by shooting web series that new generations of directors, producers, and composers come to the stage and perform before audiences. The team that created and produced  the TV shows China Top Arms: The Secret Mission and The Cold Flame is cooperating with Budweiser to produce a commercial that will be shown around the world, and Ms. Kuan is about to complete her preparatory work for the music for ths commercial, which is good news for her and IMC. As a composer and a singer-songwriter and independent artist, Hueimin Kuan is receiving much media attention. Although this commercial only a few minutes in length, it uses tremendous creativity and musical expression to display the interaction between the charaters and the beer bottle in a British Museum. Also, she is preparing the music compositions of the upcoming feature films Face, Nest, Cold Day in Hell, Pink, and Yu Dao and the trailers in the early stage, she and her team is working harmoniously together to resolve the challenges and accomplish their goals for these upcoming films, television shows, and the Budweiser commercial. She is surrounded by a team that can always face difficulties with a smile, unite and cooperate together and devote themselves to the success of the project as a whole in this highly technical field.

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