Women in Finance: Meet Trust Capital TC’s Female Leadership

Educating some of the biggest companies and helping them make the most out of their financial ventures, these women have proven their mettle and established themselves as the leaders of their industry.

Trust Capital TC LTD is a Cyprus Investment Firm, authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). Based out of one of Europe’s largest financial hubs, Trust Capital TC is committed to help people learn more about the world of finance, thereby enabling them to experience smooth and transparent investments.

With an expert leadership team consisting of a majority of women at their helm, Trust Capital TC has been making waves throughout the industry. The team prides itself in educating some of the biggest firms across the market about finances and investments.

According to Farah Hawilo, the Executive Director of the company, “Our commitment is to take every possible step to deliver the best possible investing experience to our clients to make them feel as safe and comfortable they can be.” According to Farah, with that in mind, Trust Capital TC tries to educate its customers before they step into the world of financial investments, while providing them with a secured environment and complying with government regulations.

Farah Hawilo Executive Director at Trust Capital TC adds, “Being part of the financial market for a while, our team has developed the skills and strategies to provide the best financial experience to our valued customers.” According to Farah, the illustrious portfolio of the company’s clients cements this fact.

The talented team of women in finance at Trust Capital TC also consists of several other experienced women in key roles, such as Elpi Papageorgiou, Noura El Mikati and Lina Al Bakri, all of whom play key roles at the firm.

Needless to say, with their experience and track record, Trust Capital TC is one of the leading sources of finance, investment, and trading for the UAE and the Cyprus markets. In order to find out more about the company or seek their consultancy regarding finance and investment, feel free to head over to their website now.

Read more about the company’s strong leadership team at this link: https://trustcapitaltc.com/meet-our-team

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