Accurately Assist The Metallurgical Industry To Create Positive Circular Ecological Value

In recent years, digitalization and intelligence have become an important issue for the high-quality development of the steel industry. While more and more traditional companies are exploring green and intelligent manufacturing in depth, they are also constantly thinking: How many steps are needed for the transformation and upgrading of steel companies? How much room is there for the company’s current level of intelligence to improve from the goal of green smart manufacturing? How to take advantage of the domestic boom in the conversion of old and new kinetic energy to achieve higher-quality development?

Facts have proved that action is more important than thinking. Shandong Guoshun Construction Group Co., Ltd., located in a major steel province in the country, is the first to open a new chapter in the transformation of energy conservation, efficiency, and sustainable development.

In the environmental protection transformation project implemented by Guoshun for iron and steel enterprises, the ABB EDCS intelligent power distribution system is adopted, with the help of EDCS cloud service, the system guides service operation and maintenance through big data calculation results, and uses PC, iPad and mobile phones to obtain on-site electrical equipment anytime and anywhere The operation status of the system greatly improves the accuracy of data collection and the timeliness of maintenance response, making the inspection process simpler and achieving energy-saving and efficiency-increasing production.

Guoshun Group has successively constructed more than 199 desulfurization and denitrification environmental protection projects and ultra-low emission renovation projects, including five major power generation groups, Shanghai Baosteel, Rizhao Iron and Steel, Weiqiao Group, Laiwu Steel Group, and Shiheng Special Steel, as well as differentiated ABB intelligence The modernization upgrade and transformation plan was successfully applied to the Laiwu Steel Group’s transformation project, assisting steel industry customers to achieve energy consumption optimization and intelligent operation and maintenance.

Sun Deshan, Executive Director of Shandong Guoshun Construction Group Co., Ltd. said, “Combining mature environmental protection technology and intelligent operation technology not only realizes the intelligent transformation of environmental protection equipment in the steel industry, but also establishes the intelligent operation of Guoshun Group. Management platform. We promote this successful case and technology to the production system of the steel industry to realize the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and cultivate new kinetic energy.”

ABB (China) Co., Ltd. Senior Vice President Zhao Yongzhan said that the steel industry is an important pillar industry of the national economy. In recent years, driven by a series of policies such as energy conservation, emission reduction, and conversion of new and old kinetic energy, the steel industry has accelerated its transformation and upgrading to a smart and green concept. With the help of big data analysis and cloud services, we provide more and more advanced intelligent power distribution solutions, continuously improve the energy efficiency management level and asset operation and maintenance efficiency of users in the steel industry, support the high-quality development of users in the steel industry, and comprehensively enhance the value of the industry. In the near future, ABB and Guoshun Group will continue to deepen cooperation in more projects such as Shiheng Special Steel and Guoshun Group’s new headquarters, and use digital technology to continuously empower the industry with new kinetic energy.

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