Which kind of vehicle spray disinfection channel is better?

Which kind of vehicle spray disinfection channel is better?
Vehicle disinfection channel, mainly to prevent virus.

I. product uses and spray disinfection objects

In order to prevent and control avian influenza, foot-and-mouth disease, cholera, influenza A and other sudden diseases, as well as the needs of daily protection and disinfection, the drug vehicles, animals, animal products, feed transport vehicles, tourist vehicles, petroleum and mineral transport vehicles at highway checkpoints, national gates, national highways, entrances of breeding farms and slaughterhouses, urban-rural junctions, entry-exit quarantine, etc In order to prevent the spread of pathogens from the outside of vehicles and achieve the effect of prevention and control.

Two. Characteristics of spray disinfection products:

1. All weather and automatic operation: it is an unmanned control system that works 24 hours a day and 365 days a year (manual mode is optional);

2. the latest international start-up technology: the latest international, domestic electronic high-frequency sensing automatic sensing mode to start, induction more accurate, truly vehicle disinfection, passing, and non vehicle objects do not spray. It can be disinfected automatically in a variety of ways, manually and remotely;

3. spray disinfection super epidemic prevention effect: 360 degree comprehensive disinfection without corners, no matter whether the bottom of the car body or side of the vehicle and the side of vehicle tires can be thoroughly sprayed disinfectant, to achieve the purpose of thorough disinfection. The spray angle is designed on the two sides of the spray port to make the disinfection reach no dead angle. Continuous disinfection can also be carried out on roads with large traffic volume, which has good epidemic prevention function.

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