Gya Labs Latest Launch Is An Aromatherapy Roll-On For Pocket-Sized Convenience

Gya Labs Latest Launch Is An Aromatherapy Roll-On For Pocket-Sized Convenience

Gya Labs’ core collection of aromatherapy products, pure essential oils and other personal care products gets a convenient, on-the-go update with the launch of the new Gya Labs Aromatherapy Roll-Ons range. Introduced this week, the roll-on collection is now available on the brand’s website as well as the Amazon storefront and starts off with two variants: Breathe Easy and Migraine Manager.

The team at Gya Labs crafted the new Breathe Easy Roll-On to help ease nasal congestion resulting from colds and allergies, especially now in the springtime where seasonal pollen levels rise in the northern hemisphere. This all-natural blend of essential oils and carrier oils features refreshing peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, laurel leaf and lemon oils in a carrier oil which makes it safe for topical use when needed. Available in a handy 0.34 us fl oz (10ml) bottle, it fits easily in pockets, purses, bags and right on any busy person’s work desk for relief within reach.

Meanwhile for those looking for a natural, plant-based relief for tension headaches and migraines, the Gya Labs Migraine Manager Roll-On is the ideal choice. The brand’s current repertoire already includes several essential oils with headache-relieving properties, which were the inspiration behind this roll-on product. The Migraine Manager Roll-On is a blend of peppermint, spearmint and lavender oils in a carrier oil which, when inhaled or applied to the temples or behind the ears, may help to soothe the fatigued mind.

Gya Labs Aromatherapy Roll-Ons - Migraine Manager Gya Labs Aromatherapy Roll-Ons - Breathe Easy

Currently, the brand’s collection includes a range of single and blended essential oils, organic essential oils, and now to build upon the aromatherapy range, the skincare and body care lines. Gya Labs believes that a little self-care and pampering goes a long way. Having a self-care routine not only makes us look good, it also brings a sense of comfort and self-confidence. Shop Gya Labs aromatherapy range online where orders above US$70 enjoy a discount of 15% off and free shipping. Terms and conditions apply.

Gya Labs aims to promote self-care and uplift everyday experiences with a curated collection of aromatherapy and personal care products. Our customer-centric approach to design and wellness has led a core selection of signature essential oils and blends. In 2021, Gya Labs aims to expand within the aromatherapy arena and in the direction of skincare and body care products to meet customer demands. Visit us at or on Amazon.

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