Slimming Down is Sustainable Only When Approached Holistically

Toronto Weight Loss and Wellness Clinic assist residents of the GTA with an all-encompassing approach to weight loss and wellness.  This clinic does not promote “magic” cures or starvation diets, but instead focuses on a therapeutic and holistic approach that includes mind, body, and emotional wellness during any weight loss journey.  All weight loss journeys are specific to each individual and no two weight loss plans are alike.

A combination of overall physical health is determined through blood work. A screening process ensues before any weight loss plan is even developed.  Blood lab work is crucial to ensure that individuals enrolled in the clinic have the correct combination of blood values.  Blood work determines if or what nutritional supplements or dietary changes need to be made to ensure total wellness, and a more successful and sustainable weight loss. 

Quality of life is as important at Toronto Weight Loss Clinic and an intake session, which can take 60 to 90 minutes is performed as the first step.  There is also an online form for self-assessment.  The therapeutic approach can include all methods of approach to a healthy lifestyle, with lifestyle changes on the top of the list as one of the goals towards weight loss.  Keeping weight off that is lost is of utmost importance, so the therapies might also include counselling, doctor’s visits, acupuncture, and even chiropractic therapy from a licensed chiropractor. 

A sound mind and sound body that is in “balance” does make for a more successful weight loss.  Many individuals go on crash diets throughout their lives, only to gain the weight back, and sometimes even gain more weight than was lost.  The approach used by Toronto Weight Loss and Wellness Clinic seeks to avoid this yo-yo dieting syndrome which causes more harm than good as it disrupts the natural metabolic processes of the body. 

Appropriate and sustainable weight loss does include overall wellness for continued success and this clinic is becoming well-renowned for this revolutionary approach to weight loss.  Igor Klibanov brings his vast experience in health and wellness to the clinic and heads the program of overall wellness and weight loss for each client. 

There are personalized sessions for each client with a six-week personalized training plan.  Botanical supplementation as well as homeopathic remedies for any nutritional deficiencies may be included if needed.  A natural and nutritional approach is used as much as possible, and the goals of all plans for weight loss are realistic and achievable.

With the warmer weather around the corner, many in the GTA have now begun to think about losing unwanted pounds.  Successful weight loss and maintaining the weight loss does tie into overall wellness and the Toronto Weight Loss and Wellness Clinic ensures a complete, yet safe approach to weight loss.  Feeling great and looking great is possible with the proper guidance from the professionals at this clinic.

About Toronto Weight Loss and Wellness Clinic

Serving the residents of the GTA, Toronto Weight Loss and Wellness Clinic focuses not just on weight loss but on total mind, body, and emotional wellness.  The homeopathic, holistic, and therapeutic approach combines natural remedies for bodily imbalances as well as possible visits with a physician to ensure that individuals start their weight loss journey with optimal health.  This leads to overall success and management of weight.  There is an online assessment form and counselling available through Facebook messaging twenty-four seven.  Each patient is given personalized attentionConsultations are free and insurance payment assistance is addressed. 

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