Baltic Essentials Introduces All-Natural Amber Jewelry to Promote Health, Beauty and Nature

Baltic Essentials Introduces All-Natural Amber Jewelry to Promote Health, Beauty and Nature

The 21st century is becoming famous for the trending use of organic products, eco-friendly initiatives, vegan food, and so on. The more people advance into the future, the more they become aware of the many remedies that are readily available in nature. Baltic Essentials has done an extraordinary job creating holistic necklaces made from organic tree resins. Through these products, they are promoting the healing powers of organic elements, beauty, and nature.

Baltic Essentials began their business in 2014 and have ever since been running a successful venture leaving behind a trail of happy and satisfied customers. Their website beautifully displays a range of Baltic essential therapeutic jewelry made of all-natural Baltic Amber. These fine pieces of jewelry have medical elements that help in conditions such as arthritis, carpal tunnel, sciatica, migraines, and more.

Baltic Essentials feature a collection of Hazelwood jewelry targeting tummy pains, while the semi-precious gemstone beads are meant to bring hormonal balance. The website is designed to help the customer find the perfect match for their respective ailments. They have made it easy to navigate through the various options and pick the one best suited to each buyer. By using the available filters, customers can shop based on age.

The founder, Mary Van Meter, said, “I began wearing one for sciatica pain. My very first necklace was Polished Cognac & Turquoise. I had suffered for two years and my husband wore one for arthritis, the Adult Raw Multi. We experienced near-immediate relief from our pain and we have been relieved from it ever since.”

Baltic amber is a fossilized resin found in ancient pine tree sap near the Baltic Sea regions. It contains succinic acid that is helpful in primarily alleviating pain and bringing relief. The website displays countless other testimonies of grateful customers who have experienced relief and satisfaction with Baltic Essential Jewelry. 

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