Financial Literacy Flashcards For Kids Now Live On Kickstarter

Financial Literacy Flashcards For Kids Now Live On Kickstarter

Manhattan, NY – March 29th, 2021 – Money is an everyday part of our lives and yet, the skill of managing money isn’t widely promoted or taught at home or in public schools!  CashThemYoung is announcing the launch of an educational flashcard designed to meet the need of instilling the foundational understanding of personal finance into kids and teens.

Key Features

Kids Deck: 100 x Interactive Questions and Answers (Recommended for ages 7+)

The CashThemYoung Kids Deck is a starter pack, perfect for children aged 7 to 13 years. The pack outlines the concept of money and personal finance in simple and easy to understand flashcards whilst also being visually engaging to young children.

The Kids Deck is the perfect introduction to money for young children, defining complex financial terminology in a fun and interesting way, supported by vibrant and colorful flashcards to visually support learning.

Teen Deck: 120 x Interactive Questions and Answers (Recommended for ages 13+)

The CashThemYoung Teen Deck is a more advanced pack designed to prepare your teen children for when they start to make money of their own, providing the principles of saving, budgeting and investing.

The Teen Deck builds upon the introductory Kids Deck and is the ideal intermediate level financial learning tool. This deck takes more advanced concepts of credit building, business concepts and investing and delivers these complex ideas in easy to understand wording, supported by visually engaging flashcards.

Comprehensive and Educational

The CashThemYoung flashcards are designed to be both comprehensive and educational in all aspects of saving, investing, budgeting, credit building, the world of business and overall financial terminology to ensure your children are well equipped for their financial future!

Appealing Graphics

The cards are designed to be visually engaging for their respective age range, to appeal to both written and visual learners. We have ensured to use age relevant graphics to guide and support the financial concepts explained in both the Kids Deck and Teen Deck.

The Importance of Early Financial Literacy

Children will ultimately learn positive or negative financial lessons in life, whether taught by parents or not. At such a crucial foundational period in a young child’s life, it is the perfect time to instill positive understanding and skills of money management.

To pre-order the flashcards, follow CashThemYoung’s Kickstarter campaign using the link below:

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