Mastra Electric Pump offers a new submersible solar water pump to be used without electricity

Mastra Electric Pump has introduced a revolutionary solar energy powered water pump to the market. This motor pump is ideal to be used in regions where electricity is not available. This is a DC powered motor pump, which is fully capable of running on solar energy. Hence, people who use the solar water pump will be able to get intended functionality from it without having to deal with any challenges.

The solar water pump is offered by one of the most well-known brands in the industry. Hence, people who purchase this pump don’t need to worry too much about the quality of it. The brand has been able to retain customer reputation for over 28 years. On the other hand, it can be considered as one of the most innovative companies to exist out there as well. That’s because the company has been able to secure more than 90 national patents under the brand as of now.

The heart of solar water pump offered to the market is a DC motor. This motor is powered with harvested solar energy. The solar panels provided along with the solar water pump are in a position to harvest a decent amount of current, which is needed to keep the solar water pump functioning continuously. Hence, this motor pump has the ability to function just like a traditional electricity powered motor pump. The only difference is that it is based upon solar energy.

It is possible to use the solar water pump for drawing water from a river, well, or any other source of water efficiently. Then the water will be taken into a storage tank or can be directly supplied for irrigation systems. Depending on the installation conditions, it would be possible for the people who buy this motor pump to use the multistage impeller and screw pump accordingly.

One of the best features that can be seen in this solar water pump is the overall stability offered by it. Due to the same reason, it is even possible to get the functionality out of the pump when it is fully submerged in water. This would transform the solar water pump into one of the most versatile water pumps available in the market as of now.

On top of everything, the solar water pump can be used along with numerous applications as well. That’s because it is offering a decent speed regulating range. Therefore, it will be possible for the users to adjust the water flow rate and the working time of the water pump accordingly. In case if the users want to end up with getting a high water flow and low head, it is possible to use the multistage impeller pump.

Since the solar water pump is capable of running off the grid, it would be a great water pump available for the people who are looking for a product to be used on agricultural land.

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