Pilates Connector Shares Tips When Buying Pilates Reformers

This brand offers a wide range of pilates equipment apart from reformers. They also have Tower Systems and CaFormers.

Buying a Pilates reformer whether it’s for the home or a studio comes with challenges. While a Pilates machine can do wonders for the mind, body, and soul, choosing one that will fit into a person’s needs, budget and preference may take a lot of expert advice. Pilates Connector, a leading source for Pilates equipment, shares some tips to take note of when buying a Pilates reformer.

“One of the most important things to keep in mind is to find the equipment that’s right for you. You have to find the perfect fit to suit your needs,” said the team at the Pilates Connector.

Pilates is ideal for building muscle, strengthening flexibility, and engaging the core, according to the Pilates Connector’s team. When it comes to regular reformer exercise, working the shoulders and the lower back offers a great advantage. A regular reformer exercise is a Pilates routine that targets the aforementioned body parts. According to research, regular reformer exercise can increase the shoulder and lower back strength, decreasing the chance of falling in people aged 65 and up.

The reformer was invented by Joseph Pilates, the inventor of Pilates himself. The device aims to work the body’s muscles by resistance. It has a bed-like base with a sliding platform with adjustable springs. The springs allow the device user to do full-body stretching through muscle resistance.

Fitness enthusiasts who plan to add Pilates in their exercise routine can boost their four S – strength, stretch, stamina, and stability. With Pilates reformers, users can maximize getting the four S without straining their joints. This feature of reformers makes them ideal for fitness newbies and people recovering from injuries.

However, first-timers should seek professional help first before using reformers, according to the Pilates Connector team. They also advise to only buy one after mastering the ways on how to use it.

Pilates Connector offers a wide range of reformers, with an emphasis on Pilates Assembly™, budget savings, and quality service. The company carries the most prestigious Pilates equipment brands. It assures that all its products are original and have undergone stringent quality checks.

Pilates Connector also has Tower Systems that are used to isolate muscles and are known as a great aid to a really good stretch. It also has CaFormer, which is great for practicing reformer exercises like coordination, rowing, short box, dead bug, and more.

All its products can be delivered to homes and assembled for an additional cost. Curbside delivery is also an option for people who want to save money on courier costs. To know more about Pilates Connector and browse its products, be sure to visit https://www.pilatesconnector.com.

About Pilates Connector

Pilates Connector is the leading source for all Pilates equipment. The brand is dedicated to providing fitness enthusiasts the very best of Pilates reformers, with an emphasis on customer service, fast shipping, and competitive prices. Founded by a family who experienced first-hand the frustrating process of buying a piece of reformer equipment, Pilates Connector’s mission is to guide people through the buying process of the Pilates device of their dreams. From experienced instructors to first-timers, the company wants everybody to realize the fantastic benefits of reformer workouts and how incredible they’ll feel when they can experience the same studio-level workout in the comfort of their own space.

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