Hong Kong Clothing Brand Classics Anew Revolutionizes Chinese Clothing to Today’s Culture Worldwide

This clothing brand modernizes the classic Qipao and Tang Suit for a fresh look for anyone around the world who want to dress in this classic Chinese clothing.

The Chinese clothing Qipao and Tang Suit have graced numerous runways, parties, and other activities for so many years. Its beauty captivated fashion enthusiasts all over the world. Today, it continues to do so. To give them a modern look, Hong Kong clothing brand Classics Anew gives their Qipao and Tang Suit the contemporary elegance they need for today’s generation to enjoy.

With a revolutionary mission, Lam went on to win numerous design awards including a First Prize in the very first Redress Design Award in 2011. Lam then founded the Classics Anew Academy to promote her vision where Lam will share the art and skills through omnichannel courses, Classics Anew Academy has reached out to more than 3000 students from around the World.

“As the world’s fashion trends are getting increasingly more westernized, the true elegance and beauty of women and men, which can only be brought about through traditional Chinese clothing designs, is slowly fading away from this world. My mission when creating Classics Anew is to not just revive these lost clothing designs but to bring them to fame, modernize it, and put them into the hands of everyone who wishes to reveal their true innate attractiveness,” Classics Anew spokesperson Janko Lam said.

One of the most renowned work is her Denim upcycling series where her work is often showcased in exhibitions around the World, one of her collection is permanently showcased in The Hong Kong Heritage Museum.

Classics Anew will continue to promote its visions to many more regions introducing this traditional Chinese culture to people from around the World.

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About Classics Anew

Established in 2014, Classics Anew was founded by the famous fashion designer Janko Lam. It combines traditional Chinese aesthetics and modern design elements, adhering to the design concept of sustainability and durability, and uses organic cotton, linen, tannin, and natural fabrics such as silk crafted by hand. The brand is dedicated to reshaping Chinese retro fashion and revitalizing Chinese clothing culture for the new generation.

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