“Tranquility Talk” Podcast Host Meg Daly Launches 30-day Reset Plan to Help People Avoid Overwhelm

Meg introduces her program for highly sensitive people (HSP) to cultivate contentment in life.

Many people face issues in their bodies, relationships, and the work they do in this world. As a result, they turn to food, drinks, gossip, social media overload, etc. to cope with the daily challenges. These coping mechanisms become roadblocks that prevent them from actually enjoying life. For these people, “Tranquility Talk” podcast host Meg Daly suggests a radical concept of actually living life and loving every minute of it. To achieve this, she shares her platform https://megkdaly.com and her 30-day reset program for empathic people.

Feedback for Meg’s 30-day reset program has completely endorsed it, its approach, and its results. Kim, one of the takers of the program said, “Meg’s 30-day reset came along when I needed a special kind of compassionate, understanding, and validating support. She has a kindness and special touch that comes through with deep wisdom and sincerity. Her program is well-thought-out and organized in a doable way plus she offers so much! I learned so much along the 30-day journey that I will continue to explore and use not only about freeing myself from overindulging but in many other areas of my life. It’s a mind, body, spirit reset that works! I went from feeling negative and fatigued to positive and energetic with a new, fresh outlook on life. I cannot say enough about this wonderful program and this special woman! I mean it, Meg. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!”

About Meg Daly

Meg Daly is the podcast host of the “Tranquility Talk” show. As a highly sensitive person, Meg has gone through doing numbing mechanisms like overindulging in drinks, staying overly busy, focusing outward versus inward, and running from emotions. But then she became sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. When she came across Dr. Elaine Aaron’s book, The Highly Sensitive Person, she began to see the upside of being what she calls an HSP. After learning more about sensitivity, empathy, and intuition, Meg became an advocate of elevating positivity, effectiveness, and overall joy in other people’s lives. Today, she does this via her online platforms and her 30-day reset program.

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