Camapp™ by Haptic Zones Changes the Way Fans and Celebrities Capture Videos and Photos

Camapp™ by Haptic Zones Changes the Way Fans and Celebrities Capture Videos and Photos
Haptic Zones Technology ®, leading new wave technology patented and developed by Ken Poindexter Jr., headquartered in Tampa, FL.

Tampa, FL – Haptic Zones is reinventing the camera with next-generation camera technologies and solutions.  While people are all fumbling around trying to get their fingers to stretch to the bottom of our camera to reach a tiny button, then get the right focus on the camera, get the proper lighting, set the focus correctly, Haptic Zones eliminates all of the million and one steps down to a single simple step. Just hold ANYWHERE on the smartphone’s touch screen to capture the moment on video or double-tap ANYWHERE to capture a photo. Haptic Zones patented technology provides the fastest and easiest way to capture any moment at any time for anyone in the world. 

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No longer do one have to find that tiny red touchscreen shutter button on your mobile camera. Just hold anywhere; one can shoot a video instantly or double-tap anywhere, to snap photos in a flash.  Ever been to a concert and tried to capture the favorite artist singing your favorite song? One fumble through their phone to open the camera app, and finally get the app open to finally start recording and then when they’re done, they go back to rewatch it and realize the video didn’t even start recording when they tried to tap that tiny red button. This has happened to all many times than one likes to mention and have missed the most memorable moments at concerts such as Janet Jackson, Beyonce & Jay- Z, Chris Brown. It’s just frustrating. Frustrating to where one can stop taking photos and videos when one go to shows because it takes away from one enjoying themselves.

The entertainment industry is one place where photographs and videos are captured daily, hourly, and sometimes every minute. It’s a high photographed industry, especially celebrities themselves who constantly take selfies or record videos for their fans on social media. CAMAPP powered by Haptic Zones is the only camera technology on the market that allows users to record photo and video selfies using the more powerful rear-facing (back) camera.  Yes, heard that right, because they do not have to guess where the tiny shutter button is on the touch screen.  Users can simply point the rear-facing back camera at themselves and hold or double-tap anywhere to record video or photo.  This will revolutionize the selfie world with a new innovative way to capture selfie moments.  Social media has changed the form of communication for all high-level celebrities and entertainers. Snapping that quick video or picture is super important.  The benefits of Camapp for entertainers and celebrities such as Cardi B, Nicki MInaj, RIhanna and a boatload of other celebrities is a complete game-changer.

So let’s talk about how Camapp™ works.  Camapp™ is the only camera app in the world that uses Haptic Zones patented technology and allows one to hold anywhere on their smartphone touchscreen to capture video and or double-tap anywhere to snap a photo.  After the app opens, no need to search for the tiny button at the bottom of the screen. Just tap anywhere or hold anywhere to begin recording!. That’s it!  So no matter what smartphone you have, you will be able to use Camapp™ when it becomes downloadable on Android and iOS platforms.

Some of the main features include:

  • Record video simply by holding anywhere on the phone screen
  • Take photos by simply double-tapping anywhere on the screen
  • Allows for real-time to add sounds, effects, filters, and a variety of augmented reality objects to your videos as you record
  • Allows one to auto-focus on any object quickly and easily with just a tap on the screen
  • Pinch anywhere on the screen to zoom in on an object
  • Record video selfies with the back camera
  • Toggle from video capture to photo

Knew 2021 would be a year of elevation, but Haptic Zones Technology ®, has done more than confirm that for not just one, but for all. Everyone lives in a world of wanting simplicity, wanting things to be easier with all that they do.


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