The Inspiring Pre-Apocalyptic “Mr. Johnson Comic” Is All Set To Be Released This March

‘A Plus Pictures’ is excited to announce the release of ‘Mr. Johnson Comic’ unveiling the story of resilience and courage.

Los Angeles, CA, USA – The ‘Mr. Johnson Comic’ is a pre-apocalyptic tale based on Amos Johnson. This 127-year-old superhuman happens to be a former slave, third-generation herbalist, and Decorated World War I Veteran. After sixty-six years of hiding and escaping genetic testing from Pharma-Life and the United States Government, this super hero resurfaces and is dubbed “the most dangerous man alive” after an altercation between him and the police goes viral. It is now 2021, and Amos is on the run combating his former handlers’ efforts to destroy him and the world.

In this Comic, Amos Johnson, a genetically engineered superhuman, will be fighting his way across America with a desire to protect humankind. Amos’ universe revolves around the present day with intermittent flashbacks of his past. Despite the imminent threat of death looming over him, Amos feels a sense of freedom like never before and is proud to fight for his country. This comic book also sheds light on the idiocy of bigotry, which has exponentially escalated across the nation. 

Adrian Jules, the Creator of the comic book ‘Mr. Johnson Comic” was born in Nassau Bahamas and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He is dedicated to representing the new generation of entertainers who present diverse portfolios as actors, writers, and content producers. Despite his stellar history in competitive sports, he decided to pursue his dreams in Hollywood instead. Speaking of his assiduity, love, and devotion towards writing, he says: “ Growing up, I had always loved writing whether short stories or poems. This book is my contribution to eradicating the menace of racism and inhumane testing practices that deep-rooted within the nation.

The word Amos means “borne by God,” and his power originates from a connection to SOURCE. Amos’s hands are essentially a gift from God, or whomever an individual identifies as Source and are a portal, into others, himself, and the kinetic energy of the world and its self-healing properties. These can only be activated through the darkness, which symbolizes him living in the shadows his entire existence. Despite a tumultuous life, Amos’s understanding of the world is crystal clear, and his judgment about the potential of humankind is unscathed, making him a direct reflection of God and his virtue in human form.

The entertainment company “A Plus Pictures” focuses on low-budget high concept projects. It believes in the power of cherishing inclusivity and talent by saying: “You don’t need millions of dollars to tell a good story. It certainly helps, but you run the risk of waiting to tell a story that can help change lives; we, as a company, don’t allow budget constraints to stop us from creating.” The Mr. Johnson comic will release on March 29, 2021. Physical and digital copies of the comic, along with other merch, will be available for purchase. Enthusiasts can also buy Mr. Johnson Tee Shirts, Posters & Stickers, playing their part to promote an inclusive realm.

About the Company:

A Plus Pictures is a Los Angeles-based Entertainment Company that believes in the notion of rousing power, competency, and brawniness by facilitating the storytellers, artists, producers, and designers to the utmost level. 

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