Ludashi’s spring launch will have these hard goods: new logo, new version, new features

One year after the beginning, everything is renewed. Ludashi’s first press conference in 2021 is also a new life for Ludashi. From the newly upgraded logo to the PC version of the new algorithm engine, as well as the new Ludashi Pro and the first electric bicycle evaluation system, starting again, Ludashi ushered in the most powerful transformation in more than a decade.

New logo: Break the tradition and use data to see the world.

Speaking of Ludashi, his image of the older man seems to be deeply ingrained. Bald, with a straight belly, holding a magnifying glass in hand, can’t afford to change even the poor ones? Ludashi has been in existence for 13 years, but the logo remains the same.

This year, Old Man Lu finally ushered in a “reconstruction”.

Remove unnecessary structures and standardize with the geometric figures; stay close to the young trend, with a more friendly expression; retain the master image, after all, we also have feelings? The fonts are less fancy and more mature. The newly upgraded Ludashi logo is more concise, younger and more energetic.

The new logo is not new for the sake of newness. It means that Ludashi has officially entered a new era, and the business will also usher in new changes. Ludashi’s mission is to make evaluations, and this will not change. It’s just that the evaluation target is no longer limited to PCs and mobile phones, nor is it limited to 3C digital products. Everything can be evaluated.

This time Ludashi no longer wants to be just an unknown “old man” but instead transforms the 13 years of accumulated technology and experience into a broader approach and a rigorous attitude to serve users. Where there are things that consumers don’t understand that urgently need industry evaluation, there will be Ludashi.

The first evaluation and rating of electric bicycles: relying on Ludashi’s laboratory

The evaluation of electric bicycles relies on Ludashi’s Smart Hardware Evaluation Laboratory, which has 12 years of qualifications and is a technical support and practice platform for “everything can be evaluated”.  “Everything can be evaluated” is not an empty word. In Ludashi’s laboratory, virtual things like experience and perception can be transformed into real and visible data.

“Everything can be evaluated” starts with the evaluation of electric bicycles. There are many and complicated electric bicycle brands, and there is a strong sense of difficulty in choosing a bicycle when buying a bicycle. And 90% of the reviews on the market are advertising content of various companies, which is of little significance to consumers. In this regard, Ludashi pioneered the evaluation and rating of electric bicycles. The evaluation items and content data all come from laboratory tests, and the evaluation conclusions are well-founded.

Ludashi’s electric bicycle evaluation is divided into two major modules: the basic test and the intelligent test.

Basic test: Testing the basic performance of electric bicycles. That is common test items such as endurance test, performance test, control design, safety test, durability test, etc., each of which contains multiple test contents.

For example, in the basic test of an endurance test, there are multiple test items such as charge and discharge capacity, endurance at different speeds, endurance at different weights, and battery cycle capabilities.

The basic test is mainly aimed at testing the hardware configuration facilities of the electric bicycle. it simulates various scenarios in daily use and evaluates the basic performance of the bicycle through different test items.

Intelligent test: In addition to basic testing, Ludashi also has an exclusive initiative intelligent testing. There is a convergence of mechanical metrics, anyway, from home to company; generally speaking, there are two processes. But the gap between intelligent bicycle and non-intelligent bicycle is huge. In popular terms, intelligent is to judge a bicycle as “smart enough”.

The future development trend of vehicles will inevitably be more automated and intelligent. Intelligentization is an abstract concept, mainly because there is no clear classification. Just like autonomous driving, there are levels from L1 to L3, disassembling the concept of autonomy, and everyone knows what level of autonomy their bicycle is.

Ludashi’s original, intelligent evaluation rating is used to classify electric bicycles from B0-B4 in Ludashi’s laboratory test environment. B is the first letter of brain power and bicycle, as the grading character of this industry.

To rate the intelligentization of electric bicycles, intelligent evaluation is the first step. Intelligent testing covers driving assistance, energy systems, anti-theft systems, riding systems, smart entertainment systems and other projects. Similarly, each project has various evaluation content subdivided.

After completing the basic tests and intelligent evaluation and rating, Ludashi used his expertise to build an evaluation system from 0 to 1. Consumers do not need to individually and can intuitively see the detailed classification process and results.

The first smart ranking: Ludashi’s intelligent ranking of the electric bicycles is the conclusion of the its scoring system. For details, please go to the laboratory section of Ludashi’s official website. The ranking presents the pros and cons of the products and the industry ranking in front of them. It integrates the basic evaluation and intelligent evaluation of electric bicycles, and consumers can understand it by inquiring.

In the first phase of Ludashi’s intelligent ranking list of electric bicycles, 6 models were selected for evaluation: No. 9 B series 90, Niu MQIS, Sunra MIKU Super, Yadea DE3, Tailg N8, and Aima M300. These six models have old traditional brands and emerging brands, and their prices also cover a wide range of 2,000 to 15,000 yuan. In the first ranking, the No. 9 B-Series 90 is the most intelligent electric bicycle, with the overall score leading by far.

Due to the exclusive debut, the complicated testing process and the long test period, the data on Ludashi’s electric bicycles’intelligent ranking list is not enough. We will continue to add new model evaluations and make the intelligent ranking list the score database, which is as complete as the mobile phone, PC ranking list, relevant details can be viewed on the official website of Ludashi.

In the evaluation system and ranking list of Ludashi’s electric bicycles, you can quickly understand the level of intelligence of electric bicycles and understand different electric bicycles’position on this intelligent list.

Electric bicycles are a booming industry, and brands are blooming everywhere, which is dazzling for consumers. Ludashi’s electric bicycle evaluation system is an intelligent scoring result for flagship products in the current electric bicycle market. Although it can’t represent all brands, it can go further in intelligentization. There is also a standard for measuring and evaluating the intelligentization of electric bicycles.

PC new edition: reconstruct algorithm engine, adapt to the change of The times

Ludashi benchmark? Isn’t that fun?

About 4-5 years ago, some users called Ludashi a master of entertainment, not blaming the users. CPU cores went to 64, and graphics cards went to optical chase, memory went from DDR to DDR4, hard disks went from ATA to SATA to M.2 solid-state. As time goes on, so does technology. The old rating model has gradually become unsuitable for the new hardware over the past 13 years.

Therefore, the new version of Ludashi PC, in the CPU, graphics card, memory, hard disk, all have a significant change. Mobile terminal AIMARK first joined the PC circle, and no matter the cost of heavy to build the graphics card chase engine test.

(1) Reconstruction of the test algorithm engine: in each part, the new PC dismantled the old scoring model, rebuilt the test system, and the score structure design was more reasonable.

Reconstruction of the test engine, such as CPU, the new algorithm unit has handwriting number recognition, large integer factorization, LZMA data compression, hypertext, prime number generation, secure transmission encryption and decryption, and other test systems.

(2) Memory and hard disk test transformation: memory and hard disk is the biggest part of the new version. The era of large memory capacity has arrived, from a single 1G to now 8G, rich financial resources are full of memory. The more memory is inserted in the new test, the higher the score, and the impact of large bit width is gradually increasing.

The hard disk throughput algorithm from the mechanical age has fractional overflow for hard disks due to low peak value. Under the new algorithm, the “1,000” score will no longer appear unless the disk’s performance is increased by a factor of 100.

(3) New score system ranking: Under the new test engine and algorithm, the score will also change accordingly. The overall logic is still the same, but the internal calculation method has been entirely new. To make it easier for people to tell the scores of the new version from the old version, the new version has been raised. CPU breaking the million mark are not common, but breaking the 500,000 marks is common in the new version. Simultaneously, the new ladder ranking list has been launched, with very detailed hardware ranking information, one of the hardware databases with the longest time, the largest data sample size, and the most detailed hardware information in China.

(4) Added graphics card optical chase test: In addition to conventional 3D real-time rendering frame rate, 2D codec frame rate, 2D codec quality, and other graphics card test items, Ludashi built graphics card optical chase engine regardless of the cost because of the current popular ray tracing performance.

The optical chase test is an independent test project because there are a lot of old cards that do not support optical chase, so temporarily can not be added to the whole system of the graphics card test environment. It is mainly used to measure the high-end new cards of Nividia and AMD.

(5) Added AImark test: Ludashi’s AImark started as a mobile terminal test project, mainly testing the AI performance of cellphone SOC. As the first AI performance scoring software in the industry, AImark has been widely recognized by the industry and has become an important tool for evaluating AI performance. With the emergence of AI computing power, not only cellphones appear NPU, computer chips will gradually add AI independent computing module to adapt to more and more intelligent applications, so the AI performance test is also added to Ludashi’s algorithm module, used to test the AI ability of CPU.

There are domestic hundreds of millions of PC users and a variety of hardware combinations. To make the new can accord with the actual performance of the products and the user experience cognition, Ludashi spent three months in the user’s test scores, adjusting the algorithm logic, let all kinds of algorithm unit can widely adapt to domestic users PC hardware environment, let the new result more objective.

Ludashi Pro2.0: a new and more future production mode in function

In 2020, Ludashi PRO was released with remote control function to solve cloud office problems and help parents connect remotely. Enterprise sharing cloud, enterprise asset management to help small and micro businesses manage companies. Adolescent prevention and addiction management to ensure the healthy growth of teenagers. Many customers have well received these functions. After 3 months of iteration, Ludashi Pro2.0 was launched, and the new functions were cooler.

(1) File sharing: multiple members can share documents and remotely fetch files to share with colleagues. We can access files on our computers remotely through mini-programs on our phones. If you don’t feel comfortable storing important documents outside your company, try Ludashi Pro’s solution.

You can share a specific directory or file with other friends in your organization. Other friends can get the latest version of this file on my computer at any time. I can change it at any time, and you can get it at any time. Best of all, files are stored on your computer and don’t have to be sent to the public cloud.

(2) Hardware Asset Management Monthly Report: Ludashi Pro’s hardware control ability can quickly grasp asset information and simplify the management process and predict potential risks in advance. One key to generate monthly asset management report, quickly know how many computers the company bought this year, which computer used what hardware, has not been replaced, what is the risk of operation, the computer is not turned off all the year-round, and other information, to avoid manual statistics and management and other complex processes. It can also generate a risk report with one key of each computer’s working situation, working time, and working status to avoid potential risks and reduce asset losses. With the mobile version, the scope of management is unlimited.

(3) Deep configuration of AD blocking: The computer projected the screen during the meeting, how to avoid embarrassing messages popping up? Ludashi Pro2.0 deep configuration AD blocking function is in preparation, and two modes can be chosen. Recording pop-up features, optional AD blocking; Meeting mode with one key to intercept any pop-up window, avoid embarrassment and reduce the occurrence of “social death.”

Cloud Ludashi, to solve all kinds of needs, the future can do more things, please look forward to.

At the beginning of the New Year of 2021, the new logo, new PC version, new electric bicycle evaluation standard, and new Ludashi Pro2.0 were introduced. Not only a breakthrough in products but also an adjustment in the direction. To break the shackles and become a Ludashi keeping pace with the times. 

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