Metro cooperated with Dmall makes a digital technology sample for global retail

On March 22, 2021, Metro Group announced that from May 1, Cai Tianle (Tino Zeiske) will succeed Claude Sarrailh as the president of Metro China, take responsibility for promoting the development of the company’s business, and fully promote the digital transformation of Metro China. Prior to this, Cai Tianle served as CEO of Metro Ukraine. Claude has led Metro China to achieve outstanding growth in the past three years. He will return to Europe to serve as the Chief Procurement Officer of Metro Group and a member of the Board of Directors Expansion Committee.

It is understood that Claude joined Metro China as president in April 2018. In 2020, Metro Group and Wumart Group achieved strategic cooperation. Claude led the Metro management team and accelerated the implementation of Metro China’s effective digital transformation with technical partners Dmall.

From Dmall information, all Metro stores in China have launched Dmall self-service checkout. Currently, 26 stores have launched O2O services. It is expected that the remaining 71 stores nationwide will be launched in April.

The O2O business strongly contributes to Metro’s customer sales performance. By the end of February 2021, Metro China’s monthly orders have increased by nearly 64 times compared with June last year, and the number of e-members has increased by 54 times. By March, the proportion of APP orders accounted for 40%.

Mr. Rafael Gasset, Co-CEO of Metro Group, said that we also look forward to Mr. Claude. His insights into Europe, Asia, and many other markets, and his successful experience of Metro China’s digital transformation could be brought back to Europe, so as to better lay out the Group’s commodity strategy and create new opportunities.

Some insiders of the retail industry analyzed that since the end of 2019, Dmall has made internationalization one of its important strategies. Claude’s return to Europe may provide an opportunity for Dmall to increase its awareness in Europe. At the same time, the successful experience of cooperation between Metro China and Dmall may also play a demonstrative effect on the European retail market.

About Dmall:

Founded in 2015, Dmall is an Omni-channel Retail Digital Platform to achieving retailers’ comprehensive digital transformation and providing them with joint cloud services based on Dmall OS and MiniOS systems. With 15 major systems and 800 sub-systems, Dmall OS is developed to offer complete digital solutions that could digitally upgrade all aspects of retail industry chains; MiniOS is custom-built for convenience stores. With integrated retail and cloud-optimized store-to-home Omni-channel service, Dmall contributes to high efficiency for enterprises and a better experience for consumers.

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