The Nitvali Meditation Method – A Musical Meditation Program That Kindles The Transformative Influence Of Creative Imagination

Music and sound will be the medicine of the future. The Nitvali Meditation Method promotes personal well-being, and it also develops creative imagination. Creative imagination can remove ones’ mental barriers and create a massive shift in their self-awareness and perception about everything.

India – Nitvali is a universal healing meditation method that manifests the abundant life that one truly desires. This meditation method uses sound to develop creative imagination in people. It is the best way to relax and think out of the box for anyone interested in meditation, self-development, personal growth, abundant health, and maybe even spirituality. Despite age, gender, or race, self-transformation is always a positive aspect of life. There is no right or wrong time for a person to achieve their dreams, unshackle their mind, free their body of pain, or get rid of any difficulties.

There are two kinds of imagination; Passive imagination, the one in which there is no manifestation. It is more like a fantasy, and this form of imagination does not hold the power to change reality. The second form of imagination is creative imagination. It resonates at a much higher frequency of energy, and it has the ability to manifest desires, remove mental barriers and create a shift in the perception of people. Creative imagination can lead to a better, healthy, and stress-free life. It can result in more loving relationships and more opportunities to earn money.

The Nitvali Meditation Method provides a simple solution to lead a life full of creativity. It is a musical meditation program that stirs the transformative influence of creative imagination. It comprises themed-video soundtrack meditations, each baked with 432Hz modified music sounds and alpha-wave binaural beats. This 432Hz resonates and connects much deeper with the human mind. It has mathematical reliability that meets the vibrations of the universe. It increases the quality of life. This alpha wave can allow high levels of relaxation. These are very potent, self-hypnotic videos that will swiftly and readily help people achieve tranquil states of deep, Creative Imagination. People with creative imagination become hyper receptive to suggestions, allowing them to pursue their dreams, desires, and ambitions from thought to actual reality.

Nitvali method of meditation consists of 7 evolutionary steps: a deep relaxation state, the power of perception, mental clarity and detox, emotional healing, imagination into reality, entering the subtle mind, and most important realm of the unconceivable. Once the person has achieved a relaxed state of mind, increased mental energy and life longevity are guaranteed. It attracts the greatest good in life and helps people reach the ultimate level of absolute happiness.

Nitvali offers a 60-day money-back guarantee so people can enjoy their test-drive of this meditation program. Luis De Castro is the creative mind behind Nitvali. He is a truly remarkable human being who was born in Northern Spain, and he belongs to a family with multiple ethnic backgrounds. Luis has faced many hardships throughout his life, like the demise of his grandfather, and the loss of his family business. He was left with nothing. The loss of family business left him and his family financially unstable. He was disturbed deeply. Despite all of the hurdles that Luis faced in his life, he considers his poverty as a blessing in disguise, he believes that this is what shaped his path. After earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the University of Madrid and his Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management, Luis worked for many well-known companies. After years of corporate work, he decided that this was not his best life. He wanted to do something new, he knew God had planned something better for him. This was when he followed his predisposition and traded the corporate work life for travel. He traveled across Asia, visiting favorite locations such as Nepal, Myanmar, and Dharamsala in India.

During his travels, Luis discovered various meditation techniques starting with the Mahasi Sayadaw method to Dzogchen – and several others in between. After years of research and hard work, Luis developed a style of meditation called – Nitvali. Nitvali creates a very consistent state of calm in both the mind and body. Luis made this method for all kinds of people, whether they have meditated before or not. It is super easy and instills creativity into the hearts and minds of people. Creative imagination in this competitive world is an asset for a successful life.

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