Industrial Sponges and Foams Have Many Uses

Industrial Sponges and Foams Have Many Uses

The last time you thought of sponges and foam, you were probably washing your car or cleaning a sink full of dirty dishes. It’s probably safe to assume that the last thing on your mind at the time was where that sponge came from and the myriad of uses there are for it.

The truth is that sponges were originally products of the sea, and once harvested, they have been used for countless jobs on many fronts. Today, however, as useful as natural sponges are, man-made sponges carry the lion’s share of the work they are put to use for.

Sponges Today

Until the 1940s, nearly all sponges came from the sea, but it was about that time that a sea-born infection called blight decimated the natural sponge fields and forced scientists to develop a synthetic sponge that would replace the depleted sources.

By the 1970s, the natural sponge fields had recovered, but not before people and industry discovered so many new and different uses for sponges that both sources for the product were maintained. Further, as soon as sustainability had been established in the natural sponge fields, uses for both natural sponges and their synthetic counterparts expanded exponentially.

Newer, Better Uses

The only use you might get from a sponge might be to wash dishes or a car, but it’s also important to realize there are industrial and commercial uses for sponges that dwarf private uses. This is due not only to the number of different uses for sponges today but also to the expanded uses found for the different sizes and shapes of sponges available. For example, besides uses where water might be absorbed and applied to a surface, sponges are also used as padding and as protection for surfaces in industrial and home use.

Sponges are in wide use by industries to insulate, dampen vibration, soundproof, and many other functions. Protection is also a huge function of sponges in industry such as those provided by the products of California Industrial Rubber Co. which provides sponges and foams in a wide variety of polymer specs for agricultural and other fields.

Uses for Foam and Sponge Products

Innovators in many industries are continually thinking up new applications to employ the unique properties of sponges and foams. These include crate linings, air and dust seals, thermal protection, automotive and aeronautical applications, and much more.

Foam products are an ideal tool for optimizing the performance of many different types of machinery as well as for creating die-cut parts for specific tasks. Any industrial item that you can imagine can probably function better by using some type of foam or sponge product to complete its tasks.

California Industrial Rubber Co. can provide nearly any form of sponge or foam product for your use. We understand that you expect nothing but the highest quality, so that is our goal for you. A single look at our website ( will show the vast selection of sponges and foam offered. For more information about their products, contact California Industrial Rubber Co. at

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