Ontario Firm Making Inroads in the Newest Type of Photo and Video Advertising

Every business that sells products knows the importance of a great photo or video in making the sale.  Getting the perfect shot of each product or the video that explains each aspect of a product or service quickly and efficiently can increase sales by approximately 24%.  That is a huge difference in amounts of sales.  However, most companies struggle with producing photos that are of the utmost quality and videos can be even more challenging.  Time is a factor too, as the more time it takes a company of any size or that sells any product or service to make quality snapshots or videos the less time the company spends on the business. 

Style Photos of Toronto has solved this issue for many businesses.  The quality of the photos is exceptional and are produced by Style Photos 4 times faster than if done by a business themselves.  The Style Photos video machines which use the latest and greatest technology produce videos in 4 K.  These machines can also be rented for use by any business themselves. 

The machines, called Style Shoot machines, are incredibly quick and easy to use, with angles and sizes of all variations possible for all types of products, whether large or small.  The larger machines can accommodate models with no up- close contact which is important now with the new social distancing requirements. 

Flat lay photography has become the norm even for fashion now because of the pandemic.  Getting the quality and depth of flat lay, however, that is necessary to make the sale can be difficult, however.  With the special angling that the Style Shoot machinery produces and the depth and quality of colour and dimensions, this is no longer a problem.

Style Photos can produce such dramatic photos of flat lay that the photos stand out on all social media platforms and in all types of advertisements.  They are also easy to upload.  This does make a huge difference in landing the sale and it also reduces the costs for any business.

From the smallest of products, like rings and earrings, to larger products such as clothing, flat lay photos now are the wave of the future.  Style Photos recognized this and met the needs of today’s businesses with their machines and their services and can produce photos and videos four times faster than prior applications. 

The software solutions are provided by Apple and Canon, so this is indeed a serious method of approaching the quality of photo and video marketing that all companies need now.  There is a drop off or pick up option of merchandise and then the finished photos or videos, or as stated before, companies can rent the Photo Shoot machinery which comes in all sizes for all types of products. 

The world is moving faster than ever online now, with online sales being the focal point of most businesses today.  Adding the services or renting machinery from Style Photos will assist all businesses in staying competitive. 

About Style Photos

This company in Toronto is focused on producing the best images and video for all types of products or services.  The online market is competitive and social distancing still in place, so photos and video are the top marketing choice now.  Using the latest technology and specialized machinery, Style Photos can produce the quality needed for online visual marketing.  Machinery is also for rent if businesses choose to tackle this themselves and is quite easy to use.  A chat service is available 24/7 for questions.

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