CareBIBI Offers Relieving Knots Solutions with Handheld Massager

CareBIBI Offers Relieving Knots Solutions with Handheld Massager

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Carebibi Offers provide handheld massagers that help with back pain and improves circulation and releases lymph fluid.

People can feel muscle pain and tightness who have knots. While most of people may know what knots are, many people are not even familiar with what they actually are. Knots form when then muscle fibers or fascia get tight and tensed. The trigger points for these muscle knots is called myofascial points. These points can be uncomfortable and affect a range of motion. People should be tried to get treated as early as possible as there is not a treatment for a quick fix. Various stretches, exercises, and massagers From CareBIBI help with a back knots are discussed further.

What are muscle knots?

Muscle knots are formed as small bumps on the muscles that can be painful on touching and moving the muscles. Some of the common causes of muscle knots are:

  • Injuries
  • Stress
  • Bad posture
  • Long static position

Knots are very common in people who sit for a long period of time on the desk without any motion or stretching. The fascia or muscle fibers get tensed and tight, which results in ‘knots’.

How can muscle knots be prevented?

Once people get a muscle knot, It will have to deal with it for weeks or even months. Some ways to use handheld massage gun to ease the pain.

1. Exercise

Aerobic exercises that involve movements of arms, shoulders, and back help in increasing circulation and blood supply to loosen the knots.

2. Stretch

Stretching exercises can be performed daily to release tension in muscles. People who sit for long working hours are recommended to do stretching exercises to prevent muscle knots.

3. Heat and ice packs

Relax muscles by applying hot or cold compressions. Ice packs reduce inflammation, and heat helps to soothe and relax stiff muscles. However, use cold compressions only for three days max, and shift to heat compressions if the problem persists.

4. Use percussion massagers

Percussion massagers help with knots by continuous vibration and providing deep effective massage on the muscles. Other recovery tools, such as guns and foam rollers can also have a healing effect on  muscles.

How handheld massagers can help with Knots

Handheld massagers are or massage guns can benefit  people with knots like nothing else. Handheld massagers can be easily reached to the back of  neck and shoulder. These massagers provide continuous strokes on the muscles helping in releasing the knots and relaxing muscle fiber. These guns can be self-operated and  reach places that are not accessible otherwise. Handheld massager help releases knots in two ways:

Deep massage

The percussion therapy helps to provide deep massage into the tissues and break the knots and tensions. A handheld massager delivers strong pulses and vibrations promoting good circulation, relaxing muscles, and releasing soreness and aching into the muscle tissue.

Releases toxins

A deep massage through handheld massagers that help with back pain ( improves circulation and releases lymph fluid, which travels through the liver where oxidation takes place. This helps in breaking the toxins and getting them dissolved in water after getting out of the body via kidneys.

people can focus on a particular area of the body by applying pressure to that area only providing deep tissue massage. Targeting specific muscle groups and even smaller areas that cause pain in the muscles. Experts recommend that the massagers that help with knots should be used a minimum of 15 seconds to a maximum of 2 minutes in a particular muscle. Whereas, a full-body session should be maximum 15 minutes.

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