Begin The Journey To Health And Wellness With Elementary Health Osteopath Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Begin The Journey To Health And Wellness With Elementary Health Osteopath Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire – Elementary Health focuses on osteopathy and physical rehabilitation of patients who require an empowering approach to health and wellness in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire. The clinic is open to all types of people, whether those whose jobs require them to be physical or sedentary and at any age or current level of health. Potential patients will have access to a wide selection of treatments ranging from osteopathy to scoliosis treatments.

Individuals who are not able to visit the clinic physically to consult with the clinical team but who are interested in therapy can rest easy knowing that the osteopathic and exercise therapy center offers a remote consultation service bringing the experts to them from the comfort of their home or anywhere. The remote consultation service will be provided by online audio and video consultation, known commonly as telehealth. The patient will be able to discuss their health challenges with the clinician who will recommend the next line of action and/or diagnose the condition based on the verbal assessment, symptoms presented, and movement pattern screening, then guide the patient through correct care. Patients can choose between an initial consultation and the complex case consultation. The latter is designed for those who want or need a complex and detailed diagnosis assessment of the condition they suffer from, or those who have a strong goal driven need.

The Osteopath Cambridge clinicians commonly assess conditions presented at the clinic including but not limited to ankle pain, elbow pain, foot pain, hand pain, head pain and headaches, hip pain, knee pain, lower back pain, sciatica, neck pain, pelvic pain, scoliosis, shoulder pain, thoracic pain, and wrist pain. Patients can come into the clinic for recommended treatments including osteopathy and cranial osteopathy, that offers effective osteopathic physical manual therapy, uses gentle soft tissues, mobilization, and manipulation techniques on the body, and also helps to encourage the body to return to a better structure and function.

The professional team also treats Sports Injury and other conditions with Dynamic Exercise Therapy which is focused on motor control training while placing function over the structure. The osteopathic and physical rehabilitation clinician will work to assist motor control, restore ideal functional postures, and address sports injury rehabilitation needs. Patients can also take advantage of the complex low back consultation meeting to address lower back pain and related conditions. The 3-hour specialist mechanical low back consultation will focus on the musculoskeletal health of the low back but with a broader overview. Elementary Health Osteopath Cambridge also uses The Perrin Technique for osteopathic lymphatic diagnosis. Get started on a path to health and wellness with Elementary Health.

Elementary Health is located at 8c Romsey Terrace, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire CB1 3NH, UK. For inquiries, contact its professionals via phone at 01223 902 433. For additional information check out

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