Introducing African-American self-made entrepreneurial whiz kid, Jordan Langhorne

Jordan Langhorne is an African-American self-made entrepreneur who made his fortune in the world of memorabilia, sports cards, trading stocks and NBA Top Shot. Jordan was born on August 8th 2002 in Vallejo, Ca.

Jordan grew up moving all around as a kid spending the majority of his childhood living on Stanford’s campus as his mother conInued her educaIon there. At about 12 years old his family moved to Redwood City which was about 30 minutes away from Stanford. AMer 8th grade he would go on to aNend Saint Mary’s College High School in Berkeley, Ca and ulImately transfer to Hercules High School for his Senior year and graduate in 2020. Jordan seemed to have an innate ability to succeed in anything he put his mind to.

Business success started early on for him when for at 12, he started selling signed pieces of memorabilia across various Facebook groups and this was the beginning. Within the next year, Jordan would go on to create his own memorabilia Facebook group in “Autographs 247”. The group has since been a success clocking in over 17,000 members in only a couple of years.

By the Ime Jordan was a sophomore in high school, he had shiMed his interest from memorabilia to sports cards. As he would get more and more into sports cards, he soon created another Facebook group called “Bowman Chrome Baseball Cards”. This was a very similar group to “Autographs 247”, just exclusive to Bowman Cards. This second group has accumulated over 11,000 members in only two years. By 2019, Jordan had now expanded his sports card interests to the Panini Prizm set. Around this Ime Zion Williamson’s Prizm rookie card was just released and took the industry by storm. Jordan set out to create another Facebook group that would cater to the Panini Prizm Collectors called “Panini Prizm Sportscards” in November 2019.

This is Jordan’s most successful group to date clocking in at over 30,000 members by February 2021. The Coronavirus Pandemic that started in 2020 was no excuse for Jordan to slow down, this has in fact been a turning point for him. Jordan Launched his “Bay Area Sportscards” business in September of 2020 shortly aMer he turned 18 years old.

He would then go on to work very hard on his eBay business that buys and sells graded sports cards. By October 2020, the Bay Area Sportscards eBay store had sold over $100,000 in graded sports cards within the 90 day period, and by January 1st, 2021, this number was up over $200,000. Bay Area Sportscards has just been another one of Jordan’s success stories at only 18 years old. Jordan has also shown success in other markets such as trading stocks and NBA Top Shot. NBA Topshot has been a fairly new investment, being a part of the NFT movement. NBA Topshot is preNy much just trading NBA highlight clips.

The pla_orm is created and hosted by the NBA, and single clips are called “moments”. Jordan has posted to his Instagram story to show that he is within the top 16% of investors on NBA Topshot.

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