Calgary Parging assures permanent protection from woodpecker damage on local properties

Calgary Parging is offering industry-leading stucco repair and parging services at affordable rates to protect properties affected by woodpecker damage.

Calgary, Alberta – March 30, 2021 – With spring in full bloom, Calgary residents are in constant tension of woodpecker damage in their properties. It’s the season of northern flicker woodpecker, and, the bird though apparently innocuous, yet has been wreaking havoc on Calgary properties for quite some time now. But, here comes good news, Calgary Parging has assured to fix woodpecker damage in affected properties and has also guaranteed permanent protection from the menace through industry-leading stucco repair and parging services.

A leading name in stucco and parging services for over a decade now, Calgary Parging is bustling with a stellar 5 on 5 star reviews on Google. The company caters to both residential and commercial properties all across Calgary.

Per the statements of the company spokesperson, the problem of woodpecker damage in local properties has mostly increased due to the application of EIFS stucco wall cladding in both residential and commercial properties in the region. Unlike parging, EIFS stucco comprises Styrofoam which makes an attractive surface for birds like woodpeckers. It’s softer than standard concrete stucco and hence offers a conducive base for woodpeckers to peck and drill holes into it, leading to severe damage to properties.

“The regular EIFS stucco on our local residential and commercial properties has largely abetted the nuisance of woodpecker damage in our local properties. The soft Styrofoam in EIFS stucco makes it easier for these birds to peck and drill holes into the exterior and this constant pecking leads to big holes in the stucco. Large holes make a convenient passage for unwanted water and pests which eventually results in nasty mold formation. Worse, over time, the problem can crumble down the whole surface, leaving the entire building on the verge of serious damage. And woodpecker damage repair is quite an exorbitant affair which can cost you around a whopping $15,000. This is where Calgary Parging comes to your rescue”, stated the spokesperson.

“Stucco damage caused by woodpeckers is a complicated problem and a simple DIY repair job won’t help here. What you need here is a professional repair service and this is where we come in. Over years, we have fixed woodpecker damage in hundreds of residential and commercial properties and we can assure the best repair service possible in these situations. We know the industry-leading techniques to handle stucco damage caused by woodpeckers and we also have the right tools needed to get the job done. Whether it’s a small hole or a large one in walls or cornice or columns or even in the hardest to reach places, our professionals have the experience to handle any scale of woodpecker damage anywhere in a property. And yes, our prices are always competitive and we promise you a premium service at highly affordable rates.”

Calgary Parging offers free estimates on any type of stucco repair job, irrespective of the size of the project.

Speaking on, the spokesperson stressed they not only fix stucco damage caused by woodpeckers but also support the affected properties with permanent protection from the damage through professional parging services. The company shields the affected exterior area with a harder type of stucco (way tougher than regular EIFS stucco) and protective coating which prevent the northern flicker woodpeckers from drilling holes into it further. 

“We don’t stop at just the repair of your damaged stucco. It’s because, just fixing the damage won’t solve your problem- woodpeckers will be back next spring and you will end up with the same problem once again. Northern flicker woodpeckers are protected under a federal law, and that’s why their number has risen and so the volume of stucco damage all over Calgary. This is why, we also support our clients with a harder type of stucco and protective coating to ensure permanent protection for their property exterior from woodpecker damage. It’s a very convenient one-time investment that will keep your property safe every spring.”

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Added to stucco repair and parging, Calgary Parging also offers stucco installation and foundation repair services to local residential and commercial properties. 

The company has received rave reviews for its industry-leading stucco repair and parging services from a long line of happy customers.

“Calgary Parging is an outstanding company to work with, from start to finish.” – Judy Hobbs

“I called them to get a parging patch quote and ended up having the service done at the same day on a very reasonable price. – Breno Brezinski

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