Harmony Skin Care offers Forever Young Broad Band Light treatment for young, healthy, and glowing skin.

A lot of people look for different methods to rejuvenate their skin. Unfortunately, many require painful and expensive surgery. With Harmony Skin Care’s Forever Young Broad Band Light procedure, anyone can not only make their skin young-looking, but it is also protected from further damage.

Harmony Skin Care Sarasota uses a science-based skin rejuvenation procedure that relies on Light energy and its profound biological effect on skin. The modern Light procedures are based on recent developments in physics, biology, and chemistry with the main focus of rejuvenating skin cells and tissues to give it more glowing and youthful appearance. Harmony Skin Care in Sarasota utilizes the latest broad band light (BBL) and laser technologies. To aid the process of rejuvenation, customers are also advised on the proper nutrition and exercise to help them achieve their goals.

Harmony Skin Care in Sarasota is lead by Dr. J. E. Pabon who has decades of experience in application of Light energy and laser technologies. He is certified in the use of lasers in surgery for more than 25 years. Not only is he the medical doctor of Harmony Skin Care Sarasota, but he is also their laser safety officer.

Harmony Skin Care offers broad band light (BBL) skin renewal procedures which is a clinically proven method to reverse accumulative skin damage arising from the sun, toxins, and pollution exposure. It also helps to prevent common signs of aging. The procedure is non-invasive, which means it is not a surgical procedure and there are no anesthetic or scalpel involved. The treatment uses broad band light and delivers it directly into the dermis and the epidermis to improve the skin tone, texture, and elasticity of the skin. In addition, broad band light is not just recommended for already damaged skin, it can also be a preventative measure against future damage and ensures that the skin stays young, healthy, and glowing.

People interested in skin rejuvenation can visit Harmony Skin Care’s website at https://harmonyskincarefl.com and pick and choose what treatment they want to have and what kind of package they want to purchase. Harmony Skin Care offers full face and/or neck sessions. The most recommended package is the full face and full face & neck for 5 sessions which is also offered at a 15% discount. Other packages include face, neck, & chest; and they also have sessions for hands, upper arms, legs, and lower legs.

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