Rising Influencer Jona Rizaj Shares Great Inspirations

Rising Influencer Jona Rizaj Shares Great Inspirations

Jona Rizaj turns heads whenever she walks into the room. There’s something captivating about this young beauty, and people take notice wherever she goes. When Jona first began posting on social media she had no idea the influence she was going to have over the people who use these apps daily.

Who Is Jona Rizaj?

Many know Jona from her social media accounts where she is constantly keeping people entertained and uplifting their timelines. What many people don’t know is that there’s a very worldly and intelligent woman behind the profile picture. Jona is an advocate of Diplomatic Relations. She has also completed two masters, one in Public Relations and the other in Marketing Management. 

While Jona is capable of doing a lot of great things, her favorite way to spend her days is engaging with her followers through Instagram. She is a very inspirational influencer and many people turn to her page for fashion inspiration and advice. Over the past two years, she has steadily made a name for herself as one of the top female fashion influencers. 

Jona isn’t camera shy, as she’s also had a successful journey modeling. People may recognize Jona from seeing her advertising their favorite clothing and jewelry brands. This woman loves fashion and it’s what inspires her to continue her journey as a fashion influencer. As she always says, “A person who knows and believes what they want will always be successful in life!”

What’s Next For Jona?

Jona also has a big interest in performing arts and television. She loves being in front of the camera, whether it’s for fashion or to put on a performance. This woman was born to keep the world entertained. On top of her blooming modeling career, Jona has also found time to volunteer on television. There’s nothing this boss babe can’t accomplish.

One of the highlights of her career was getting to make an appearance on the hit TV series Lokomotiva. She got to show the world what she’s capable of doing in front of the camera. She even went on to make a guest appearance on the reality series Gjuetaret e Thesarit. 

Getting the opportunity to be on TV gave Jona a more positive outlook on her life. She enjoyed the time she spent working in front of the camera and hopes to pursue more acting work. Some of her biggest influences were the women she watched growing up who hosted these hit TV shows. Jona won’t stop working until she steps into those shoes.

Want to see more of what Jona Rizaj can do? Go follow her Instagram page at https://www.instagram.com/jona_rizaj/

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