Three Oxygen Apparel Shares Reason for Starting a Brand Offering RF & EMF-Blocking Garments

This company helps people understand radio frequency (RF) and electromagnetic frequency (EMF) exposure.

Seeing the importance to educate people about the nature of radiofrequency (RF) and electromagnetic frequency (EMF) exposure in the digital age, clothing brand Three Oxygen Apparel shares the reason why it started a brand that offers EMF-blocking garments.

“There is a growing need for people to understand the full scope of RF and EMF exposure. Founded on the foundations of education, product quality, and customer service, Three Oxygen Apparel is here to help everyone get high-end access to top-notch RF protection,” said the spokesperson of the company.

Three Oxygen is not alone in the mission to educate the public on the growing number of harmful effects of RF and EMF exposure. With people like Dr. Devra Davis, the epidemiologist that help ban smoking on airplanes, they are confident the message will be delivered in a timely fashion. It took 30 years for the larger scientific community to recognize the link between cigarettes and cancer. 60 years to put seat belts in cars. 50 years to implement exposure limits for X ray machines. In 1973 the fist cell phone call was made but the technology did not really take off until the 90s and has only grown from there. We now have a little computer at our fingertips.

At Three Oxygen, we believe in and support technological advancements, especially 5G. We simply want to acknowledge history before and accept this new technology with a full recognition of past mistakes made. We want to learn from these mistakes, and we want to protect those we love most. We welcome new technology with open arms, but we also prioritize the well-being and safety of our loved ones.

With this statement, Three Oxygen Apparel is set on a mission to help everyone grow smarter with technology through its innovative products. To know more about the company and its merchandise, visit

About Three Oxygen Apparel

Three Oxygen is a family-founded company focused on education, product quality, and customer service. Its family values are embedded in the company’s values. The company believes in and values education and treating others how they would want to be treated. The company also believes in working hard and rewarding that work ethic.

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