Blue Aqua Launches Exclusive ‘Doctor Shrimp Academy’ to Educate and Inspire Others in Aquaculture

Global aquaculture firm will offer exclusive industry knowledge through new education platform.

SINGAPORE – Blue Aqua International, the one-stop solution provider for the aquaculture industry has launched the Doctor Shrimp Academy, an exclusive educational platform for the aquaculture and shrimp farming industry.

Doctor Shrimp Academy will accept applications of students for both in-person and online courses, specializing in both intensive and super-intensive shrimp farming.

“This Academy is all about sharing our many years of experience and practical knowledge,” said Dr. Farshad Shishehchian, Blue Aqua International’s CEO & Founder.

The Academy provides both hands-on and theory education in the five main cultured species of shrimp: Litopenaeus vannamei, Penaeus monodon, Marsupenaeus japonicus, Penaeus indicus, and Litopenaeus stylirostris. At the Academy, accepted students can access a library of knowledge from the industry’s most advocated scientists, aquaculturists, and technical experts — along with a community of its thousands of farmers.

“Participants can now be directly involved in a hands-on experience with the best experts in the field,” Dr. Shishehchian said. “This is all about practical training with people working in the field, not just theory and textbooks.”

The Academy draws on Blue Aqua’s experience as the industry leader in shrimp farming to educate and inspire students in all facets of both art and science. In partnership with Temasek Polytechnic, the academy’s offerings include Fundamentals of Shrimp Farming, Biosecurity and Health management, and Entrepreneurship in Shrimp Farming. An advanced version of the course also gives students hands-on training at Blue Aqua’s commercial indoor shrimp farm in Singapore, the facility known for its super-intensive production and sustainable practices.

Accepted students will enroll in courses ranging from 7-days to 3-months and are aimed at shrimp farmers across the globe, investors in aquaculture, and those starting businesses in aquaculture. Each course accepts a maximum of 10 students, to allow for a highly personalized and unique educational experience.

Blue Aqua International works with more than 4,000 farmers globally, using its patented Mixotrophic System, which helps inform and generate first-hand knowledge which is then relayed to other farmers and educational institutions.

As a full service company, Blue Aqua International provides farm care products, laboratory services, disease detection and solution, farming and technical training. The company also invests heavily in its own technology and R&D.

Blue Aqua has one of the largest land based farms in Singapore, which provides shrimp to FairPrice Hypermarkets and FairPrice Finests. Blue Aqua’s goal is to maximize its production of seafood to supply to the Singapore’s market, to ultimately create a sustainable food future. The objective is inline with Singapore’s 30×30 initiative which aims for the city-state to produce 30% of its nutritional needs domestically by 2030.

“Our goal is to take our knowledge to help, support and guide other farmers around the world to have increased profitability, sustainability and security in food production,” Dr. Shishehchian said.

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