Spectrum Canine Dog Training – The #1 Dog Training Service in The Bay Area

Spectrum Canine Dog Training - The #1 Dog Training Service in The Bay Area

Fremont, CA – New and seasoned dog owners understand the importance of having a well-trained canine companion. The most convenient way of going about the process would be to attend training sessions hosted by an experienced trainer. The sessions are more than training the dog to sit and stay. If handled well, the sessions can be used to foster great relationships and improve the confidence of the dog. There is a likelihood of a dog owner being overwhelmed by the available choices. Spectrum Canine Dog Training can train any dog regardless of age and or behavior.

“Our training philosophy is born from hands-on experience using the most effective training methods with THOUSANDS of dogs. Our emphasis is on balanced training where a dog is motivated to work at its optimal capability. We ensure that our training is centered on preparing a dog to be functional in the real world and completely customized to each dog. Every dog is unique, and we train them accordingly.” Said the company’s representative, Mr. Ricky Rivera.

Spectrum Canine Dog Training has a training philosophy founded on experience and using the most advanced methods. The company offers board training, behavior modification, obedience, puppy training, and a lot more. Clients can opt for either private or group classes. All that is needed is to call Spectrum Canine Dog Training for a free consultation.

Spectrum Canine Dog Training believes that no dog can’t be trained. There is a three-step program that is designed to ensure that dog owners and the companion find success. Some of the training services provided by Spectrum Canine Dog Training include:

Board Training

The Immersion program is the most popular training among dog owners, and for a good reason. The holistic program is designed for a dog to be obedient. Destructive behaviors are curbed while the good ones are rewarded and nurtured. The program has not only been successful in nurturing puppies but also modifying behavior in older dogs. After all, it’s possible to teach an old dog new tricks.

Private Training

Spectrum Canine Dog Training takes a 1-on-1 approach with private training. This particular type of training is ideal for owners that will want to be involved in the process.  The sessions are tailored towards what the owner would like from the dog. As with any type of training, consistency is crucial for private training to be a success.

Behavior Modification

Most of the aggression cases for dogs will be a result of fear and anxiety. Behavior modification is the most complex training program that Spectrum Canine Dog Training offers. This is because the dog not only has to be taught obedience, the behavior will need to be modified as well.

Clients can learn more about Spectrum Canine Dog Training by visiting the offices situated at 34060 Rowland Dr, Fremont, CA, 94555, US. The company can also be contacted by calling (510) 629-9498 for more information.

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