First Class Personal Training Bespoke Fitness Plans

First Class Personal Training specializes in bespoke training. They offer a Youth Training Program, a Senior Training Program and Nutrition and Wellness programs.  First Class Personal Training also specializes in In Home Personal Training Programs, Group Training Programs, specific MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Training Program and a Post Rehabilitation Training Program for those with musculoskeletal problems. 

First Class Personal Training Programs have nutrition, resistance training, cardiovascular and flexibility focuses. Virtual Personal Training Sessions are 30 or 60 minute long training sessions that are conducted by Certified Personal Trainers using Zoom or Skype. A free consultation is done to help devise the right intensity and length for all fitness training. 

Being an Entrepreneur is considered one of the most stressful physical and mental jobs because of the energy needed to get a concept off and running.  Many entrepreneurs spend months at a time being unwell.  Exercising and personal fitness for Entrepreneurs has been proven that taking a leadership role shouldn’t mean sacrificing health.  Studies have shown Fluid IQ, which is the ability to learn new skills, lessens with age.  A regular exercise program helps to stem this loss because the brain has more oxygen capacity.  

“We see a lot of entrepreneurs who have discovered making time for a personal fitness program really enhances work and personal life energy levels,” says a spokesperson for First Class Personal Training.  “At first they felt they didn’t have the time and felt so run down.  Now they look forward to the time devoted just for them.”

Exercise for MS has been proven to help cope with the symptoms of MS better.  It has been shown to help cardiovascular health, bladder and bowel functioning, bone density, flexibility and mood.  People exercising with Musculoskeletal problems also benefit from exercise.  This movement helps lessen pain, and helps to strengthen the joints and mobility.

“We love to see young people getting involved in keeping fit,” says a spokesperson for First Class Personal Training.  “For the last 30 years young people have been exercising less.  This makes it harder to start a routine and to make fitness a priority.  If we can get people to start earlier it becomes a lifelong habit.”

For more information on how to be assessed for the right fitness training program visit First Class Personal Training’s website for information on fitness training questions see their blog. Visit their Facebook page and Youtube Channel 

About First Class Personal Training

First Class Personal Training was established in 2005 with the focus of one-to-one Fitness training and Nutrition and Wellness programming.  They also provide training services for small groups of up to five people and provide training programs for Corporations.  Thirty to sixty minute sessions are available for In-home Personal Training and now Virtual Training Programs are here to stay.

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