This 29-year old financial writer is on a mission to change the money game for millennial women

Shockingly, many millennial women still feel like money is a man’s world, according to Swiss bank UBS.

Montreal, Qc, Canada – Maria Alcantara, a personal finance expert and author of the new book “Millennial Money Queens: Master Your Money and Live Your Dream Life” is set to change the standard for women and money.

Growing up in Brazil, she witnessed the extremes of wealth and poverty along with the very serious societal consequences of financial illiteracy. This marked her forever and became a passion for financial freedom, she knew she would shake up people’s beliefs and actions about money in her adult life. She collected the best tactics and strategies for financial success over a decade, both academically and experimentally. After building a career in wealth management and becoming a chartered investment manager, she left the corporate world behind with one sole mission: to empower millennial women financially. 

Once she shared her guide for financial freedom with her inner circle, the results were mind-blowing. By taking control of their finances, friends and clients completely changed their lives around. 

Maria realized that although millennial women are equipped with incredible assets for success like higher education, access to information and technology and having grown up watching women gain more power and influence, the majority of millennial women are still dealing with serious financial issues like debt, delayed or absent investing and gender pay gaps. Even for those successful millennial women, money is still a challenge, many of them feel ashamed of being breadwinners. 

“We are dealing with very outdated societal beliefs about a woman’s relationship with money. Ultimately, it’s not just about numbers, it’s about building confidence, independence and fulfilment in women’s lives.” Maria believes that by changing the mindset and financial skills of this group, society as a whole will benefit. Millennials are the beneficiaries of one of the greatest wealth transfers in modern history, estimated at $68 trillion over the next few years.

Millennial women are incredibly creative and sensitive to key values that can secure our global future like sustainability and gender and race equality. With the right training, millennial women can become increasingly important contributors to society by creating businesses and organizations that can make a difference and by choosing where to spend and invest their money. 

Thought provoking, moving and often quite hilarious, Millennial Money Queens challenges young women to think about their own role in driving change and encourages them to see that anything is possible. The book will be released on March 31, 2021 on, marking the close of women’s history month in a memorable year.

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