Toddler’s Shoes by Ikiki Announces Their Spring Collection

This Utah-based shoe-brand for toddlers focuses on creating squeakers with unique features and appealing designs. With its wide range of high-quality products, this brand has become a top recommendation of Occupational Therapists for children with mobility disorders. It also has the American Podiatric Medical Association’s seal of approval.

Ikiki is a shoe-brand based in Utah specializing in making toddler shoes of all shapes and sizes for kids and young children. They are especially well-known for their squeaky shoes, which are adorable and have plenty of additional comfort and safety features. These shoes, however, are only available on their website and not in the stores. 

Ikiki shoes are famous for their adorable designs. Customers can get a wide range of cute colors from pink to sparkly green, blue, or purple and themes to choose from to match it with their baby’s personalities. The shoes are decorated with cute animal-designs like pigs, puppies, frogs, kitties, hippos, unicorns, etc. These animal-like characters are present both on the toes and the heel. For example, the unicorn shoes have a rainbow ponytail on the heel.

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Interestingly, every Ikiki shoe-character also has a unique name. For example, the unicorn is known as Duchess Bubblegum Sparkles. However, even if a child is not old enough to appreciate these cutesy names, he/she can enjoy the sparkly fabric and the squeaking sounds. Ikiki has also recently introduced their spring collection consisting of squeaky-shoes with new characters called New Bee, Ladybug, Beeatrix Honeydew, Lady Dorothy Rose, etc. 

Ikiki squeaky toddler shoes are pretty handy for traveling. Customers can listen for the squeaker to ensure that their little ones haven’t wandered too far away at an airport or the park. The best part about the squeaky feature is that it can also be turned off with the flick of a small switch near the heel. However, if your child gets into mud, sand, or water too often, it might damage the squeaker, so it’s best to utilize these shoes for light use only. 

Ikiki shoes are not only eye-catching but also highly comfortable and easy to wear. The fun designs appeal to little children who can quickly put it on or take it off, even by themselves. All Ikiki shoes are wide and spacious and have a single Velcro strap. Thus customers will not have to struggle with the shoes or fuss over the straps while putting them on their little one’s feet. This fit also facilitates ventilation and is ideal for small and chubby feet. 

Ikiki shoes are also excellent shoes for children with special needs. It easily fits children with clubfoot disorders, is lightweight for kids with hypotonia. The squeaking sound can help customers keep an eye on non-verbal children and prevent ‘toe walking,’ which leads to long-term health problems. Customers can also order the left and right shoes individually for children with differently-sized feet due to AFOs, SMOs, etc.

About the Company:

Ikiki is a side-brand of a company called Sewell Development that was established in 1983. The Ikiki-brand was initially started as a fun side-project to create good-quality and durable shoes for kids. Gradually, this brand started concentrating on squeakers with additional features that make it more child-safe and child-friendly.

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