How a Life-Shattering Event Gave Ervin Ang the Opportunity to Venture Into Entrepreneurship and Start His Own Coaching Business Even Before Going to University

Singapore – March 31, 2021 – In 2018, while taking the A levels Examination which was a big deal for most students in Singapore, Ervin went through a “quarter-life crisis.”

His father who used to run a successful interior-design firm that at one point had multiple locations across Singapore had run into issues in the business that eventually caused him to close it down.

This life-shattering event affected Ervin and his family a lot as they went from having a good life financially to having to budget every month to ensure the bills would be paid and the electricity would continue running.

“Back then, I was frustrated that my tuition fees were so expensive yet I could not answer what is the main benefit of an A level certificate. For some reason, I was really lost in my life and felt that I needed to do something to improve the financial situation in my family.” Ervin told us.

After his A levels, Ervin would then invest a significant chunk of his savings into learning eCommerce from a local guru to attempt to try it out himself. As he had no Wifi at home, he would be at the nearby Macdonald’s for hours a day or at the National Library at Bugis for over 12 hours a day working on his Shopify store.

From the moment the library opened at 8am in the morning to almost closing time at 9pm, Ervin would be figuring things out of his own and struggling to even upload the products on the website. It was a really challenging time but it was his first taste in entrepreneurship.

“I remember doing everything by myself and being so overwhelmed by so many parts of the business such as product development, operations, customer service, fulfillment and more. When I made the first few sales, I was so happy it worked even though I was far from break even.” Ervin said.

As time went on, things didn’t go so well even though Ervin was the first in his eCommerce class to make a sale using the concepts he learned in the class and that allowed him to win a crash prize of $50.

He had to enlist for national service so it put his business on hold. In the meantime, the family situation improved slightly as his father was able to find a job working part-time as a driver.

During national service, he decided to spend his remaining free time in personal development reading books such as “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki and “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill which ultimately changed his thinking forever.

He said that the cashflow quadrant was such a simple yet powerful concept because it showed the different stages one must go through to become financially independent. It didn’t make sense that schools did not teach something this important but it was good that he was able to understand this at a young age.

This spurred him to go and pick up high income skills such as investing and copywriting through self-education online.

After his national service, he then went on to co-found an Esports Media Agency with a friend called “Cardinal Key Media” where they hosted a full esports tournament with the support of local stakeholders and the community.

It was an amazing experience as it allowed him to see how it is like to run a full gaming event while also networking with some of the other entrepreneurs in the industry.

However, due to Covid, they had to shut down the business early as they could not monetize the website even though they were posting their own content covering the eSports scene every day.

While Ervin met with failure after failure, he did not give up and take all of these as a learning experience as he went on to become a freelance marketer by learning from his mentor, Alaric Ong, who is one of the most well-known facebook marketing coaches in Singapore with over 1400 paid clients in over 50 industries.

He also went on to further develop his marketing skills by investing over USD $10,000 in paid mentorship and programs to specialize in copywriting.

“I remember I had only $8,000 to my name back then from flipping Pokemon Cards online but I just took the leap of faith to invest half of it in a copywriting program. The best part was that I had no copywriting background and that the program was meant for full-time copywriters, not people who had no idea about copywriting.” Ervin recalled.

Lucky for Ervin, within less than four months, he was able to go from 0-5K/month from scratch as a freelance marketer doing copywriting for clients in multiple niches ranging from spirituality, jewelry, infant care, child care, home decor, and more.

Seeing that he finally was able to make an income consistently online, he wanted to pay this forward after receiving so much value from his paid programs and mentorship so he started his own coaching business.

Today, he coaches clients in different industries ranging from full-time employees who want to transition into the freelancing world to business owners who want to learn copywriting for their own business.

He says that it is such a blessing that he is able to be in such a position because his young age does not hold him back from being a coach to clients who are twice his age.

In terms of his formal education, he already has secured a placing within a local university and will be enrolling in the Bachelors of Business Management (BBM) program this year.

For his future plans, he says he does not intend to stop learning and growing so that he can continue providing the best of service to his clients.

After university, he wishes to go fulltime into his coaching business and continue showing others that it is very possible to work for yourself and generate an income online instead of taking the traditional path doing a 9-5 time job that one may not even like to do.

He is also in the midst of finishing his first ever book on one of his favorite topics on personal finance. The book title is called “Beginner’s Guide to Personal Finance: The Secrets to Building True Wealth that Schools and Parents won’t teach you.”

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