Sim Aulakh Leaves Corporate America For Location Independence With His Booming Digital Marketing Agency

DALLAS, TX – Sim Aulakh is the founder and sole owner of Platinum Taurus, a full-service Digital Marketing Agency dedicated to helping businesses bring in new leads, create strategic client acquisition funnels at very low cost, and thrive in their local market through disruptive marketing strategies. However, like many, Sim’s journey to success did not happen overnight.

Rather, after almost working a decade at large enterprise level corporations, Sim was burnt out. His health, relationships, and overall well being were suffering. He realized that he had to make a change to improve his quality of life. In the summer of 2019, Sim took the leap, and quit his corporate job, leaving behind a lucrative 6 figure salary. This was after generating enough clients through his agency which financially made him and his wife independent of his corporate salary. Shortly thereafter, he founded his next digital enterprise called, EstablishCred, where he has helped hundreds of business owners leverage their stories to be featured in the press.

According to Sim, “The foundation of a media presence catalyzes growth in other areas of their business. There is a deep synergy with having media attention and generating clients for any business so it complimented everything I had built prior.”

Today, Sim is passionate about helping others increase their credibility, generate buzz, and develop the systems and strategies to rapidly scale their business. Realizing the benefits of his newfound location independence, Sim and his wife packed their bags and moved from Dallas, Texas to Costa Rica.

After almost a year of sunny beaches and lush jungles, Sim and his wife were forced to return to the states amid the pandemic. Although Sim is eager to get back to Costa Rica, he was determined to make the most out of the pandemic. As the world moves more and more digital, the benefits of a PR strategy have never been more pertinent. Although Sim had been heavily immersed in the world of marketing for years, he saw the biggest return when he began to build his marketing strategy on the foundation of media recognition.

He shares that after his team works with a client to develop a solid press release that both positions them as the authority in their field and drives new leads, they are ready to tackle proven marketing strategies that are guaranteed to scale a business and increase revenue.

From online paid ads, innovative funnels, and strategic SEO (search engine optimization), Sim incorporates a multi-targeted approach to helping his clients achieve lasting success.

“Once a business has built trust with their client base, they will begin seeing improved return within their marketing campaigns, lead generation tactics, and client conversions and retention. Attrition almost becomes obsolete,” Sim explains.

In today’s modern age, reputation is everything. Sim can help clients build the reputation they need and then leverage that reputation for massive growth.

Now, Sim enjoys a sense of freedom he never dreamed he’d have and the flexibility to travel the world.

“We are all architects of our lives and should have full control of when we want to take the time off which is only possible when being financially independent and moreso, location independent. That is why a digital business model will always be the go to model now and in the future,” states Sim.

However, his proudest accomplishment is having built a business that makes a real impact and brings in genuine results for the clients he works with. As Sim looks ahead to the next few years, he is enthusiastic about the continued positive influence he hopes to have upon thousands of entrepreneurs and business owner’s journey to starting and scaling their businesses while flourishing both professionally and personally.


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