Difference between industrial touch screen monitor and commercial display

Some customers doubt that what is the difference between industrial touch screen and commercial display?

Simply speaking, the industrial touch monitor can be clicked directly, which is convenient and fast. It is the tactile feedback function in the touch screen system of the industrial touch LCD display. Commercial display is a flat and ultra-thin display device, which consists of a fixed number of color or black and white pixels, placed in front of a light source or reflector, which is always use to TV, desktop for office.

In their components, comparing specifications, there are also differences between industrial touch monitors and commercial display.

In terms of the level of LCD screens, LCD monitors use ordinary display screens, while industrial touch screens use high-brightness, industry-grade LCD screens, which require higher backlighting than monitors. Its storage temperature and operating temperature are higher with strict level. Industrial touch monitor could endure the high and low temperature. Therefore, when the commercial monitor will be blurred when they works for long time, the image is becoming worse. Their performance depends on their production level on the screen also. Here Axnew display adopts the industrial panel with higher inspection level to their industrial monitor, industrial touch monitor which performance is more stable than commercial ones.

The driving solution is different, such as the display motherboard scheme is not the same. Axnew insists to adopt the industrial level of motherboard for displaying in processing dynamic images, meanwhile the industrial touch screen has to bear long-term work. Therefore, a professional driver board or motherboard must be used to ensure higher brightness and super high temperature resistance, etc., thereby reducing the use loss of the screen base. If an ordinary display is used for a long time, its brightness and contrast will drop quickly, affecting its service life. This is why most LCD monitors can display images normally after the project has just been debugged, but some of the screen bases will be dark after a period of continuous power-on.

(3) The industrial touch screen has a wide viewing angle, and the large visibility can reach 178 degrees, while an ordinary liquid crystal display can only see one piece or 40/40 viewing angle on the right and left side. This is also one important criterion for identifying industrial touch screens and liquid crystal displays. There is also the difference between the two input signals, mainly the input video signal. In order to meet the interface requirements of different front-end devices, the interface of the monitor will be much richer than that of the display. There are VGA, RGB, HDMI, DVI, display ports. A variety of other interfaces can meet the input requirements of different signals, while the monitor mainly inputs VGA signal. The commercial monitor which cannot meet the signal input requirements of various monitoring equipment.

Now do you have any idea about the difference of industrial touch monitor and commercial display? You choosing monitors for project depends on your applications’working environment. If they are used in the tough environment, choosing the industrial touch monitor could save you lot of costs and time in the future. 

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