European Influencer and former model Damon Atabay empowering the financially uneducated with financial education

Top social media influencer and successful entrepreneur Damon Atabay is helping common people to improve their lives through expert financial education.

Berlin, Germany – March 31, 2021 – European social media personality Damon Atabay is offering financial education training and guidance for common people through his company Atabay Capital, his Instagram channel ( and his bustling community. Also a former model, the dynamic heartthrob is followed by a whopping number of 33.2k followers on Instagram and has already helped a number of people to become more financially aware as well as earn a solid income under his guidance.

“Financial literacy should not  be limited to finance and fintech professionals only. Long back I had realized there is immense opportunity to earn a handsome volume in the finance and trading industry and thus I want even the laymen to learn about financial education and improve their lives. My goal is to bring common men closer to financial education to help them prosper the way my life has flourished through fiscal ventures”, stated Damon Atabay. 

Atabay educates his followers about the overall trading market, its typical nuances as well as the daily signals to help them make an informed decision. Additionally, Atabay also guides them about different trading strategies in the trading scene and also the right market conditions to implement each of these strategies. 

“I would like to stress that the windows of opportunity in the finance industry are great, you can make a higher salary than a doctor all with minimum effort and working from home. This is a major reason why I’m so avid to teach these things to my followers. We are living in a time where a lot of things that were unimaginable before are viable now, thanks to the internet.” 

He started his career as a bartender at an esteemed hotel and considers his first job as a major learning curve in his professional journey. After he left the job of a bartender, Damon joined the finance industry as an entrepreneur. His move to the fiscal scene was inspired by his relationship with his first girlfriend who lives and works in L.A. 

“My tryst with L.A. (thanks to the people I know) got me lots of insights and connections about the financial industry which helped me a lot to gain great insights and connections for my business. Also, popular social media sites like Instagram have helped me a lot to scale up my business further.” 

“I must mention here that my parents have always been very supportive of my job as an entrepreneur. Once I started my entrepreneurial journey, I quickly made way more money than any academic students I knew. Coming from a family that is known to always be working in the entrepreneur “scene” I got a lot of support from my parents and extended family.”

The leading social media personality has also dabbled into modeling and has always been a heartthrob in the modeling industry and social media. Additionally, Damon has been a highly talented basketball player who used to play for leading Turkish sports club, “Galatasaray”, which is also one of the biggest in Europe.

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