Clear Analytics Launches Clean, Real-Time Web Analytics Platform with New Features

All online businesses rely heavily on web analytics today. Planning the next traffic growth strategy or deciding on new business expansion goals cannot simply be done without insights gained from information derived with web analytics tools. Clear Analytics, the newly launched web analytics company, is pleased to offer its simple and clean platform on all important aspects of a website’s online presence and user interactions.

Clear Analytics collects and analyses important data on user locations, referrers, browsers, operating systems, and a lot more information to help steer a website in the right direction. The user interface of Clear Analytics has been kept free from all distractions, and made user friendly and easy to grasp. Clear Analytics works diligently to help a website understand user behavior and optimize performance. On top of this, all of the information is kept strictly private and there is no IP tracking, fingerprinting, or cookies in use.

“At Clear Analytics, it is our motto to provide clean, safe, simple and real-time analysis of websites that will help a business grow”, said the CEO of Clear Analytics.

Clear Analytics is especially useful to allow a user to study website data, recognize an issue and also act appropriately. For example, if a website’s overall traffic is declining over a period of time, then it means there must be some issue with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Clear Analytics’ process is GDPR, CCPA and PECR compliant, making it transparent. 

Clear Analytics has pricing plans to cater to all traffic needs. These plans are pocket-friendly, so that a wide range of websites can access these services. To keep the process hassle-free and quick, Clear Analytics uses a lightweight tracking code which is less than 1kb in size. All the data collected by Clear Analytics from the website belongs to the owner.

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