The Apothecary’s Gift Brings Joy and Healing to Women of the African Diaspora with Naturally Made Body Products

The Apothecary’s Gift, a New York-based skincare company serving women of the African diaspora suffering from dry skin issues, is proud to offer a wide range of nurturing, healing, naturally made skincare products. With products designed by Vanessa Walker, a pharmacist with over 25 years of industry experience, The Apothecary’s Gift is well-equipped to help women overcome the dry skin issues facing them and feel better, more confident, and more comfortable in their own skin.

People do not always take care of their skin, and since the start of the pandemic, for many, it has become very difficult to stay on top of skincare regimens and focus on skin health. The problem is, even simple dry skin issues can quickly be exacerbated and amplify into much larger problems if they are left unaddressed. “We are in a pandemic and people are leaving their skincare on the back burner,” says Vanessa. “Let’s face it. If our skin does not look good, it affects our emotional state. If our emotional state is not taken care of, every other area of our life becomes affected.”

As an essential worker herself, Vanessa understands the importance of giving people the tools they need to heal, particularly in trying times. The Apothecary’s Gift provides these tools to women while helping them look and feel their best.

The Apothecary’s Gift prides itself for not only the high quality of its products but also the creative, beautiful way in which they are displayed. For example, The Apothecary’s Gift bundles signature products together in their Black Luxe Box and for special occasions, they build specially curated glass baskets (also known as “glasskets”).

The Mother’s Day glassket, for example, contains a milk bath, soap, a parfum, and massage oil, all lovingly made using lemongrass, lavender, and chamomile essential oils to provide a soothing, relaxing fragrance. Each glassket is specially designed to match the occasion, and the glass can be repurposed to be used time and time again. 

To learn more about The Apothecary’s Gift and Vanessa Walker, as well as view their entire line of skincare products, please click here.

About The Apothecary’s Gift

Founded in 2016 by Vanessa Walker, the Apothecary’s Gift seeks to bring smiles and confidence to women in the African diaspora who suffer from dry skin issues. The Apothecary’s Gift helps them to uncover their true beauty and purpose and be the best versions of themselves. The Apothecary’s Gift sells soaps, body butters, lotions, bath salts, and more, all created by Vanessa Walker, an experienced pharmacist turned apothecary.

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