Niuie Promotes Healthy Eating with Delectable and Diet-Friendly Cookies

Online bakeshop proves that one does not need to skip sweets to eat healthily.

In recent years, people have become increasingly conscious of their diets and the unsettling awareness of some unhealthy ingredients used in the preparation of their food. This has prompted restaurants worldwide to offer some of their most loved and popular dishes to lighter, healthier, and dietary restrictive friendly. And now the baking industry is also in the beginning stages of accommodating consumers with healthier plant-based, diet restricted baked goods.

At the forefront of the new generation of conscience, healthy eating is Niuie, an online cookie shop, which is devoted to giving their customers clean, healthy, plant-based, cookies made with organic, non-GMO, and *fair trade ingredients to accommodate all dietary needs. They are doing their magic to satisfy the growing demand for healthier versions of sweet sensations.

Niuie offers delectable vegan cookies that are steps above the typical vegan cookies. They pride themselves on making delicious healthy cookies with a rich guilty taste. “Our cookies are made with not more than 11 organic ingredients. All Niuie cookies fit any diet—from vegan to vegetarian, keto, and paleo,” said a company representative. “Though you do not have to be on any special diet to enjoy our treats,” stressed the representative.

Niuie goodies have three core varieties—chocolate brownie, chocolate chip, and lemon which all are also offered gluten-free. They come in single and multipacks, which are available through their website. While the cookie brand is vegan, it aims to appeal to every dietary profile by being a great option for those who are looking for sweet treats, to fit into their dietary needs or just their sweet tooth.

Niuie believes, contrary to popular opinion, eating healthy does not mean being forced to eat bland tasteless choices and missing out on the sweet stuff. Niuie is committed to proving you can eat sweets by making the healthiest, best-tasting, mouthwatering, delectable flavors through its unique recipe of the much-loved cookies by using only the cleanest, freshest, and best ingredients available. Eating sweets without the guilt.

Driven by its passion to provide sweet sensations that can fit any lifestyle while promoting good health and sustainability, Niuie continues to find ways to turn various sweet sensations into lighter, healthier, and diet-friendly treats for every one of various dietary preferences to enjoy. The cookie brand hopes that eventually, it can bridge the gap between the diet that people want to follow, and the sweet treats they cannot live without.

About Niuie

Niuie is a vegan cookie shop that offers healthy and delicious cookies that are friendly to various types of dietary preferences. It believes that eating healthy does not mean skipping on the sweet stuff, and is passionate about a plant-based, organic healthy diet.

*fair-trade is an agreement by a seller to pay fair wages and provide good working conditions to those producing goods in developing countries.

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